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257 WORLD WAR 1- RUHLEBEN CAMP Superb collection of items relating to Ruhleben Internment/Prisoner of War Camp near Berlin established in 1914. There is a football connection because amongst those unfortunate enough to be interned were four former Everton players who had the misfortune to be in Germany when World War 1 began. The Camp was established by the Germans in retaliation for Britain interning German Nationals in October 1914 (mainly for their own safety). In November the Germans began arresting all male British subjects . Ruhleben Race Track in the Spandau suburb of Berlin was taken over as a Prison Camp and the prisoners were housed in stables and lofts and by 1915 over 4,400 men were held at the camp including over 1,000 merchant seamen. It was only after the USA Ambassador visited the camp in Spring 1915 that the abysmal conditions there improved and the prisoners started establishing a copy of life in England and the camp virtually became a British Enclave just two miles from the heart of the German Command Centre in Berlin.. The men elected Barracks Captains who then elected a governing board and a school, Dramatic Society, Literary Guild, Opera Company and Symphony Orchestra were all established. . The YMCA funded a Library and Football, Cricket, Tennis and Hockey Leagues were organised on the large track and infield areas of the camp. Stalls were built to house shops such as a tailor, cobbler, canteen and newspaper stand and this became known as "Bond Street" and other areas were known as Trafalgar Square and King Edward Street. The funding was provided by the British Government and private sources and although initially administered by the head of the board, the Dutch Government took over administration of the funding. The Camps were commanded by retired German officers and whilst food parcels etc from England helped the prisoners offset the conditions, the men were prisoners of war with very little reliable news of the war and German Winters were bitter. Eventually a Post Office was established to conduct delivery of internal mail and the sending of postcards etc to home. This is a wonderful collection of items relating to Ruhleben including a bound volume of the Camp magazine issued monthly in 1915. All the issues are present and one issue notes that Steve Bloomer (then 41) has only missed playing in one football match for his barrack. Apart from the ex Everton players, others interned included John Cameron the old Hotspurs manager and Wolstenholme who represented both Everton and Blackburn Rovers Each monthly magazine had circa 50 pages and there are ten issues plus a by-election special in the bound volume, Superb item. This collection also includes a collection of 9 Christmas cards produced in the camp, a 1 Mark Camp coin with Ruhleben inscriptions, Ruhleben Mail stamps, 21 postcards showing various scenes from the Camp including sport, barracks and one hand drawn card showing living conditions, three cards showing "Arms and Badges of Ruhleben", a handwritten letter with Camp envelope sent in July 1916, four postcards of the "Ruhleben Follies", a small pin badge and a copy of "The British Prisoner of War" magazine dated November 1918. Ruhleben Camp closed in 1918 and a small booklet "Postal History Study of The Ruhleben P.O.W. Camp 1914-18" is also included. This is a superb collection of items from the First World War and tells a story that has often been overlooked as men caught up in the War purely by being in Germany were imprisoned for over 4 years, the footballers for instance were there because they were coaching in Germany at the time . Good£1400 - £1500Click for More
978 1906 Small sepia photograph, 9cm x 7cm, match taking place between St Chads (Gateshead) and Trackley Villa, 8/9/1906. Shows one goal with goalkeeper and defender in attendance. Match details noted and name of John Edward Davison. Generally good£30 - £35Click for More
1179 1912 OLYMPIC GAMES Two large booklets with colourful covers. A series of booklets were published immediately after the Games in Stockholm, covering the sports which were included in the Games. These two booklets , numbers 9 and 10 cover the Marathon with 16 pages including many photographs and the other covers Wrestling, Tug of War and the Walking Race. Good£70 - £75Click for More
1497 1912 OLYMPICS Large pictorial booklet covering cycling and the Openings Ceremony of the 1912 Stockholm Olympic Games. Number 6 of the Series covering the Games. Many photographs. Good£55 - £60Click for More
1498 1912 OLYMPICS Large pictorial booklet covering Shooting and Tennis at the 1912 Olympic Games in Stockholm. Number 5 of the series. Good£55 - £60Click for More
1348 1914 POSTCARDS Two postcards showing match action between Leicester Fosse and what seems to be Aston Villa. The back of one postcard has "Fosse/ City Ground 1914" noted. Generally good£25 - £30Click for More
532 1920 CUP FINAL Issue of All Sports Illustrated Weekly, 24/4/1920, Cup Final Number with many pages devoted to the forthcoming Final between Aston Villa and Huddersfield, articles about the clubs and players, photographs of the players and a panoramic photograph of Stamford Bridge, venue for the Final. A few marks, slight fold. Generally good£25 - £30Click for More
89 1920 CUP FINAL Official Cup Final programme, 1920 at Stamford Bridge, Aston Villa v Huddersfield, spine repaired, tape marks along spine and inside spine of several pages, staples removed. Professionally cleaned, no writing, minor restoration and condition is now Fair-generally good in our opinion and most collectors would regard it as being at least "Fair" or probably slightly better. As described£950 - £1000Click for More
1190 1920s PAPERS ETC Collection of 7 newspapers publications from the 1920s, includes 4 "Football Special and Sporting Pictorial Weekly", all 1922, All Sport Weekly 25/3/1922 which covers the Cup Semi-Finals and 2 copies of Football Post Weekly 11/3/1922 and 16/3/1929. Some wear and tears along folds. Fair£35 - £40Click for More
90 1922 CUP FINAL: Official programme, 1922 Cup Final programme, Preston v Huddersfield at Stamford Bridge. Cover has wear along folds with tape along folds on inside cover. Staples removed, slight rust marks and minor tears but programme is complete and there is no writing. Fair£750 - £780Click for More
530 1922 CUP FINAL - PRESTON Hand-knitted Preston blue and white rosette , made for the 1922 FA Cup Final. Good£25 - £30Click for More
533 1923 CUP FINAL Complete issue of the Sunday Pictorial dated 29/4/1923 with coverage of the previous days Final between Bolton and West Ham. Front page is devoted to pictures of the scenes at Wembley including an aerial shot showing the full terraces, crowds on the pitch and crowds outside trying to get in whilst another photo shows people climbing over the walls to get in. The inside pages tell of the chaos and pandemonium at Wembley in a story that many may never realise as it is clear that a major disaster was only narrowly averted , one column notes that many arms and legs were broken and many women crushed with there being 60 hospital cases. The centre pages has a panoramic picture of the match in progress with crowds close to the pitch and pictures of both teams and there is match report inside the paper and pictures of the game on the back page. Generally good£25 - £30Click for More
91 1923 CUP FINAL Official programme, 1923 Final, Bolton v West Ham, first Final at Wembley, vertical fold, very minor writing on one page (adverts), no writing elsewhere in programme and minor creases. Despite faults mentioned, condition is fair in our opinion. As described£530 - £560Click for More
656 1923 CUP FINAL Doubled side page of cartoons by Tom Webster from the London Evening News, numerous cartoons relating to the 1923 Cup Final, the crowd and the goals plus the famous white horse all feature. Good£22 - £25Click for More
93 1924 CUP FINAL Match ticket for the 1924 Cup Final, Newcastle v Aston Villa, the first all-ticket Final at Wembley following the chaos at the 1923 Final. North Stand Seat. Very slight crease to one corner. Good£300 - £320Click for More
92 1924 CUP FINAL Official programme , 1924 Cup Final, Newcastle v Aston Villa, scarce programme but the front cover is loose with pieces missing off the corners and spine and back cover is missing. Replacement covers can be purchased and remainder of the programme, ie the inside pages, is in generally good with a few minor marks and one pencil team change. As described£1300 - £1500Click for More
94 1925 CUP FINAL Official programme, 1925 Final, Cardiff v Sheffield United, staples removed, two minor tape repairs, slight spine scuff, no writing. Fair-generally good£500 - £550Click for More
95 1926 CUP FINAL Official programme, 1926 Cup Final, Bolton v Manchester City, staples removed, slight rust marks, number at top corner of cover, no other writing. Fair-generally good£460 - £500Click for More
96 1927 CUP FINAL Official programme, 1927 Cup Final, Cardiff v Arsenal, two tape repairs to inside cover, fold, staples removed, no writing. Fair-generally good£500 - £520Click for More
685 1927 CUP FINAL Official ticket for the 1927 FA Cup Final, Cardiff v Arsenal, East Standing Enclosure, vertical crease and small piece off bottom left corner when torn off at turnstiles. Fair£120 - £130Click for More
61 1927 FA CUP FINAL Seat ticket for Arsenal v Cardiff City 23/4/1927 at Wembley. 10/6 Entrance J. Generally good£180 - £200Click for More
97 1928 CUP FINAL Official programme , 1928 Cup Final, Blackburn v Huddersfield, fold, slight tears, staples removed, very minor repair . Fair£320 - £340Click for More
676 1928 FA STEWARD Official FA Steward badge, 1928, blue , white and gilt, metal and enamel with pin intact. Good£55 - £60Click for More
98 1929 CUP FINAL Official programme for the Final, Bolton v Portsmouth, fold, some creasing, staple removed no writing, slight marks. Fair£280 - £300Click for More
545 1929 CUP FINAL - BOLTON Single card Bolton Wanderers Itinerary for travel to and from Wembley for the 1929 FA Cup Final, Bolton v Portsmouth.. The party left Bolton on Friday lunch-time and returned to Bolton on the Monday evening and brought the FA Cup back with them for the third time in six years. Good£60 - £70Click for More
677 1929 CUP FINAL Official FA metal and enamel Steward badge, blue, white and gold, pin intact.1929 Final Tie. Good£55 - £60Click for More
391 1929 FA CUP FINAL Programme for Bolton Wanderers v Portsmouth27/4/1929 at Wembley. Good£430 - £450Click for More
99 1930 CUP FINAL Official programme for the 1930 Cup Final, Arsenal v Huddersfield, fold, score noted. Fair-generally good£360 - £380Click for More
62 1930 FA CUP FINAL Daily Express Songsheet for Arsenal v Huddersfield Town 26/4/1930 at Wembley. Generally good£40 - £50Click for More
651 1930'S & 1940'S FOOTBALL AUTOGRAPH ALBUM There are over 480 autographs in the album which has become unstitched at the spine. All of the players represented English League clubs and the autographs were originally on lined paper and have been cut out and laid down in the album plus a few handwritten letters. Signatures include Denis Compton, Leslie Compton, George Marks, Bernard Joy, George Males, Laurie Scott, Jack Crayston, Cliff Bastin, Reg Lewis, George Allison, Alf Kirchen and Ted Drake of Arsenal , Stanley Matthews, Stan Mortensen and 9 others for Blackpool, Watford X 8, Aldershot X 10, Reading X 12, FA XI of 1943 X 11, a letter from Jack Rowley of Tottenham Hotspur plus 8 other Spurs players, a letter from Joe Mercer, George Hardwick of Middlesbrough, Man. City X 11, Pongo Waring plus 6 Wolves, Portsmouth X 5, Wales 1944 X 11, Tommy Lawton of Everton, two letters from Wally Barnes, a letter from Jack Bulmer of Liverpool, Chelsea X 11, Brentford X 8, QPR X 10, Millwall X 5, Crystal Palace 1943/4 X 11, Tottenham X 5 on another page, QPR X 7 on another page, West Ham United X 8, Arsenal X 11 on other pages and Scotland including 2 X Matt Busby autographs plus many other individual autographs. Generally good£350 - £400Click for More
100 1931 CUP FINAL Official programme for the 1931 Cup Final, Birmingham v West Brom, slight fold, no staples, possibly cleaned. Fair-generally good£320 - £340Click for More
218 1932 CUP FINAL Official programme for the 1932 Cup Final, Arsenal v Newcastle, slight foxing to covers otherwise generally good. Generally good£320 - £350Click for More
654 1932 CUP FINAL Four page Carreras Clubs advertising booklet relating to the 1932 Cup Final, the two outer pages advertise Carreras Clubs cigarettes, the two inside pages show the Field of Play for the 1932 Cup Final with the Arsenal and Newcastle teams listed in formation order on the field of play plus match officials. Two tape marks to edges and a couple of scuffs along the spine. Fair£25 - £30Click for More
63 1932 FA CUP FINAL Official programme for Arsenal v Newcastle United 23/4/1932 at Wembley. Very slight vertical crease and two small rust marks on the back cover. Generally good£280 - £300Click for More
678 1932 FA STEWARD Official FA 1932 metal and enamel Steward badge, gold ball at top, red , white and gold. Pin intact Good£55 - £60Click for More
219 1933 CUP FINAL Official programme for the 1933 Final, Everton v Manchester City, staples removed, slight rust marks. Generally good£280 - £300Click for More
1428 1933 CUP FINAL Official programme, Everton v Manchester City, 1933 Final, fold, small cover tear, slight staple rusting, no writing, slight marks. Fair-generally good£270 - £290Click for More
238 1933 CUP FINAL Ticket for the 1933 FA Cup Final, Everton v Manchester City, South Terrace Seat. Good£90 - £100Click for More
1287 1934 CUP FINAL Manchester City signatures from an autograph album, circa 1934, includes Brook, Bray, Cowan, Herd, Swift, Marshall, Tilson, Toseland, Barnett, Heale, Busby, Dale and trainer Bell. Generally good£55 - £60Click for More
220 1934 CUP FINAL Official programme for the 1934 Final, Manchester City v Portsmouth, horizontal fold, slight creasing, score noted, staples removed, slight rusting. Fair-generally good£230 - £250Click for More
239 1934 CUP FINAL Ticket for the 1934 FA Cup Final, Manchester City v Portsmouth, South Grand Stand Seat. Good£80 - £90Click for More
260 1934 ENGLAND v ITALY England v Italy played 14 November 1934 at Highbury. Super collection of Italian travel itinerary's, programmes and travel posters for the ''Battle of Highbury'' consisting of various booklets, posters and single sheets. Generally good£180 - £200Click for More
259 1934 FIFA WORLD CUP ITALY Rare official Italian tourist office programme for the 1934 World Cup. French language edition titled ''EN ITALIE CHAMPIONNAT MONDIAL DE FOOT-BALL'' 28-pages including colour covers, includes tournament fixture programme and group details, guide to the format of the competition and eight Italian World Cup stadium venues etc. Generally good£450 - £480Click for More
1422 1935 CUP FINAL Community Singing Songsheet for the 1935 Cup Final, Sheffield Wed v West Brom. Fold. Generally good£50 - £55Click for More
221 1935 CUP FINAL Official programme for the 1935 Silver Jubilee Final, Shef Wed v West Brom. Vertical fold to covers but inside pages are good with no writing or fold. Generally good£210 - £230Click for More
686 1935 CUP FINAL Official ticket for the 1935 FA Cup Final, Shef Wed v West Brom, South Terrace Seat, score noted on side edge of front. Generally good£55 - £60Click for More
652 1936 CUP FINAL Four page Daily Mail Cup Final Supplement dated 25/4/1936 with editorial, pictures, pen pictures and comment re the Final to be played later that day between Arsenal and Sheffield United. Fold. Generally good£18 - £20Click for More
222 1936 CUP FINAL Official programme,1936 Final, Arsenal v Sheffield United, slight fold, rust marks around staples are, staples removed, no writing. Fair-generally good£180 - £190Click for More
64 1936 FA CUP FINAL Standing ticket for Arsenal v Sheffield United 25/4/1936 at Wembley. 2/6 Entrance G. Slight wear. Generally good£70 - £80Click for More
223 1937 CUP FINAL Official programme, 1937 Final, Preston v Sunderland, signed on team page by Sunderland goalkeeper Mapson. No other writing.. Fair-generally good£180 - £200Click for More
679 1937 FA STEWARD Official FA 1937 metal and enamel Steward badge, light blue and gold, made by Denton and Down, London, pin intact. Good£45 - £50Click for More
261 1937 L'EXPOSITION - CHELSEA Internationale Football Tournament played May 30 to 6 June 1937 including Chelsea. Very rare 32-page official programme for the tournament. This was the only programme produced for the football tournament and also included other sporting events held in celebration of the L'Expo Universelle de Paris. The matches were held at eight host Cities across France to celebrate the L'Expo Universelle de Paris. The tournament included Chelsea, Bologna, Marseille, VfB Leipzig, Slavia Prague, Austria Vienna etc. Chelsea lost 4-1 to Bologna in the Final in Paris on 6 June. Generally good£320 - £340Click for More
1615 1938 BERLIN OLYMPICS Over 60 b/w 6.5" X 4.5" Ssmmelwerk panels. 25 X Nr. 13 Band I and 38 X Nr. 14 Band II. Good£30 - £35Click for More
224 1938 CUP FINAL Official programme, 1938 Final, Huddersfield v Preston, staples removed, minor creasing, no writing. Fair-generally good£170 - £180Click for More
1621 1938 VARSITY BOAT RACE A 4 page souvenir programme issued by Victor Printing Co. and a Mears Steamer ticket to view the race with refreshments on board. Programme has been folded in four. Generally good£25 - £30Click for More
225 1939 CUP FINAL Official programme, 1939 Final, Portsmouth v Wolves, fold, staple rusting, no writing. Fair-generally good£170 - £180Click for More
687 1939 CUP FINAL Official ticket for the 1939 FA Cup Final, Portsmouth v Wolves, West Standing Enclosure several folds and creases but intact. Fair£45 - £50Click for More
741 1940'S & 1950'S FOOTBALL AUTOGRAPHS A small photograph album with 59 small hand signed magazine photos including Arsenal: Milton, Mercer (faded), Swindin, Scott, Daniel and Lionel Smith. Aston Villa: Thompson, Lynn, Pace, Parsons, Parker, k. Jones, Lockhard, Walsh, Dixon and Martin. Birmingham City: Merrick, Hall, Eddie Brown, Kinsey and Murphy. Blackpool: Matthews, Mudie, Kelly, Johnson, McKnight, Shimwell, Hayward and Alan Brown. Bolton Wands.: Lofthouse, Banks, Holden, Hanson, Hansall, Webster, Hall, Grieves, Ball, Parry, Sproston and Moir. Burnley: Holden, Adamson, Cummings, Aird, Elliott and McIlroy. Good£180 - £200Click for More
742 1940'S & 1950'S FOOTBALL AUTOGRAPHS A small photograph album with 63 small hand signed magazine photos including Derby County: Mozley, Townsend, Middleton and Lee. Huddersfield Town: McKenna, Mills, McGarry, Metcalfe and Davie. Manchester City: Broadis, Trautmann, Hart and Andrews. Manchester United: Allen, Rowley, Cockburn, Chilton and Pearson. Newcastle United: Milburn, McMichael, Hannah, Foulkes, Keeble, Casey and George Robledo. Portsmouth: Scoular, Dickinson, Henderson, Uprichard, Gunter and Harris. Preston North End: Morrison, Thompson, Wayman, Baxter and Masters. Sheffield United: Hagan and Brook. Sheffield Wednesday: Jordan, Froggatt, Sewell and McIntosh. Sunderland: Davis, Kirtley, Wright, Bingham, Ford (faded) and Cowan. West Bromwich Albion: Barlow, Kennedy, Sanders and Ryan. Wolves: Wright, Pritchard, Williams, Dunn and Swinbourne. Good£180 - £200Click for More
740 1940'S & 1950'S FOOTBALL AUTOGRAPHS An autograph book with 35 small hand signed magazine photos laid down in the album including Harry Medhurst, Tommy Lawton, Billy Steel, Stan Mortensen, Tom Finney, Eddie Quigley, Willie Watson, Jesse Pye, George Hardwick, Wilf Mannion, Len Shackleton, Alex Forbes, Raich Carter, Gerry Bowler, Don Revie, Bernard Streten, Roy Lambert, Kevin Baron, Phil Taylor, Billy Liddell, Hugh Kelly, Bill Ellerington, Bryn Jones, Johnny Summers, Bill Lewis, Leslie Eyre, Eddie Brown, Fred Jenkins, Gordon Brice, Freddie Lewis, Arthur Rowley Ted Ditchburn, Bill Nicholson and Ron Burgess. Good£140 - £150Click for More
1437 1940'S FOOTBALL PROGRAMMES A small collection of 15 English League programmes mostly from the 1940's including Everton v Blackburn 1947/8, Millwall v Exeter 49/50, Crystal Palace v Newport 47/8, Chelsea v Charlton 46/7, Derby v Blackpool 48/9, Fulham v Charlton 45/6, Aston Villa v Fulham 45/6 punched holes repaired, QPR v Swindon 47/8, Portsmouth v Sheff. Utd. 46/7, Chelsea v Everton 48/9 FA Cup, Arsenal v Wolves 49/50, Luton v West Ham 49/50, Luton v Swansea 49/50, Notts. Co. V Reading 49/50 with tape on the inside of the spine and Southampton v Plymouth 46/7 single sheet with tape on the reverse. Most are slightly creased and some have team changes or scores entered. Fair to generally good£90 - £100Click for More
813 1940'S FOOTBALL PROGRAMMES Ten programmes: Brighton v Bournemouth 19/2/49, staple removed and horizontal crease, Bristol Rovers v Swansea Town 26/2/49, horizontal fold, writing on the cover and team changes, Blackpool v Fulham 1/10/49 horizontal fold, small writing on the cover and slightly worn, Charlton v Sunderland 11/9/1946 horizontal fold, Darlington v Gateshead 7/4/45 single sheet horizontal fold and small paper loss top left, Nottingham Forest v Mansfield Town 10/3/1945 horizontal folds and slightly worn, Rotherham United v Doncaster Rovers 18/4/1949 slightly creased, Southend United v Watford 24/1/1948 creased, Sheff. Weds. V Barnsley 6/9/1947, slightly creased and writing on the cover and West Bromwich Albion v Plymouth Argyle 16/10/1948, hole at the top left and scores entered.£80 - £90Click for More
65 1941 FOOTBALL LEAGUE CUP FINAL Official 4 page programme for Arsenal v Preston North End 10/5/1941, slight horizontal crease. Generally good£120 - £140Click for More
66 1943 FOOTBALL LEAGUE SOUTH CUP FINAL Standing ticket for Arsenal v Charlton Athletic 1/5/1943 at Wembley. Minor paper loss at bottom left on entry. Generally good£40 - £50Click for More
1076 1944 FL SOUTH CUP FINAL Four page programme for Charlton Athletic v Chelsea 15/4/1944 at Wembley, heavily folded in four. Fair to generally good£50 - £60Click for More
657 1946 CUP FINAL Pirate programme for the 1946 FA Cup Final, Charlton v Derby, 27/4/46, printed by Victor and in good condition. Good£22 - £25Click for More
240 1946 CUP FINAL Official programme for the Final, Charlton v Derby, slight nick to base of spine but no writing, staples have very minor rusting and overall condition is generally good. Generally good£80 - £90Click for More
666 1946 CUP FINAL Ticket for the 1946 Cup Final, Grand Stand seat, slight creases to corners. Generally good£35 - £40Click for More
241 1946 CUP FINAL Ticket for the 1946 Final, West Standing Enclosure and apart from match details being neatly noted on the reverse side is in good condition. Generally good£30 - £35Click for More
242 1946 SEMI-FINAL Match ticket, Derby v Birmingham, 23/3/46, Semi-Final at Hillsborough.. Generally good£30 - £35Click for More
243 1946 SEMI-FINAL Official programme, Bolton v Charlton, 23/3/46 , Semi-Final at Villa Park, slight fold, no writing. Good£35 - £40Click for More
245 1947 CUP FINAL Match ticket for the 1947 Cup Final, North Grand Stand Ticket. Generally good£35 - £40Click for More
244 1947 CUP FINAL Official programme, 1947 Cup Final, Burnley v Charlton, 26/4/47, no writing. Generally good£70 - £75Click for More
667 1947 CUP FINAL Ticket for the 1947 Cup Final, Charlton v Burnley, teams written neatly on side of ticket (front). Generally good£25 - £30Click for More
1077 1947 FA CUP FINAL Programme for Charlton Athletic v Burnley 26/4/1947 at Wembley. Very slight vertical crease. Generally good£80 - £90Click for More
248 1947 SEMI-FINAL Programme, Burnley v Liverpool, 12/4/47, Semi-Final replay at Manchester City, fold, pencil change and slight ageing to corners. Fair-generally good£35 - £40Click for More
246 1947 SEMI-FINAL Programme, Charlton v Newcastle, 29/3/47 at Elland Rd , Leeds, Semi-Final, very slight staple rusting and minor mark, no writing. Good£45 - £50Click for More
247 1947 SEMI-FINAL Programme, Burnley v Liverpool, 29/3/47, Semi-Final at Ewood Park, Blackburn, slight fold, no writing, team pages loose. Generally good£50 - £60Click for More
1797 1948 AMATEUR CUP FINAL Official programme, Leytonstone v Barnet, 17/4/48 at Stamford Bridge, Chelsea, Amateur Cup Final, fold, slight wear. Fair-generally good£20 - £22Click for More
456 1948 CHARITY SHIELD Arsenal home programme v Manchester United, 6/10/48, Charity Shield at Highbury, slight fold, no writing. Good£220 - £240Click for More
251 1948 CUP FINAL Community singing song-sheet, 1948 Cup Final, fold, slight tears. Fair-generally good£22 - £25Click for More
249 1948 CUP FINAL Official programme, 1948 Cup Final, Blackpool v Manchester United, , signed on team page by Mitten, Carey (captain) , Morris and Delaney (United) , plus Rickett (Blackpool), rusty staples removed, one team change, slight rust marks. Fair-generally good£90 - £100Click for More
1284 1948 CUP FINAL Official programme, Blackpool v Manchester United, 1948 Final, signed on team page by Stanley Matthews, rusty staples, no other writing. Fair-generally good£75 - £80Click for More
256 1948 CUP FINAL Official programme, signed on team pages by 9 Manchester United players (all except Crompton and Delaney). The programme is also signed on the following page showing pictures of the United players by the legendary Billy Meredith who had lengthy spells at both Manchester Clubs between the 1890s and 1920s. The programme itself is only in poor-fair condition although the team page and the page containing the signature of Meredith are both in reasonable condition. Other than Meredith , the United signatures are Carey (Capt.), Aston, Anderson, Chilton, Cockburn, Morris, Rowley, Pearson and Mitten, all in ink and the team page is suitable for framing.. Tape to cover and spine inside covers, wear. As described£180 - £200Click for More
250 1948 CUP FINAL Ticket for the 1948 Cup Final, North Terrace Seat. Generally good£30 - £40Click for More
253 1948 CUP FINAL Two modern reprint photographs of the 1948 Cup Final, Blackpool v Manchester United. Each of the two photographs, is signed by two United players, John Morris and Jack Crompton. Good£25 - £30Click for More
252 1948 CUP FINAL-JACK CROMPTON Four modern reprint photographs, each relating to the 1948 Cup Final in which Manchester United defeated Blackpool, 4-2 , and each one is signed clearly by United goalkeeper, Jack Crompton. Each photograph measures 12" x 8" approximately, all are black and white. Good£25 - £30Click for More
254 1948 CUP SEMI-FINAL Official programme, Blackpool v Tottenham, 13/3/48, Cup Semi-Final at Villa Park. Eight page issue, very slight marks, no writing. Generally good£45 - £50Click for More
255 1948 CUP SEMI-FINAL Official programme, Derby v Manchester United, 13/3/38, Cup Semi-Final, at Hillsborough, slight creasing, no writing, minor marks on back cover. Fair-generally good£35 - £40Click for More
263 1948 ITALY v ENGLAND Italy v England (Friendly) played at the Stadio Cumunale, Turin. Rare 6-page ''Stadio'' newspaper style edition produced for the Friendly. Includes 3-2-5 format team line-ups set out in football pitch diagram format to the front cover. Generally good£90 - £100Click for More
1121 1948 OLYMPIC GAMES Four rare cardboard accreditation passes issued to media people by Olympic officials at the 1948 Olympic Games in London. The cardboard , coloured , passes measure 2" x 3" and are for events held at Finchley Open Air Baths where the water polo took place. They are all different colours and are labelled as Control, Press Photographer, Messenger and Press. The Press card is a specimen with two holes to denote specimen. Also included in the Lot is World Sports magazine , August 1948, Olympic Number, the official magazine of the British Olympic Association. Good£50 - £55Click for More
1701 1948 OLYMPICS 1948 London Olympics. An official Press Photographer's Messenger Pass for wrestling. Good£18 - £20Click for More
1288 1949 CUP FINAL Celebration Dinner Menu for Leicester City, 9/5/49 after Leicester played in the 1949 Cup Final. Held at The Bell Hotel, Leicester, , excellent colour caricatures of the Leicester players included in the menu. Generally good£45 - £50Click for More
887 1949 CUP FINAL Match ticket, 1949 Final, West Standing Enclosure. Generally good£25 - £30Click for More
886 1949 CUP FINAL Official programme, Wolves v Leicester City, 1949 Cup Final, minor fold, rusting staples, no writing. Several press cuttings re the match also enclosed. Generally good£35 - £40Click for More
1289 1949 CUP FINAL Wolves Cup Final Souvenir booklet, "The Wembley Wolves" , produced on behalf of the players who defeated Leicester in the 1949 Cup Final. The team group picture in the middle pages has been signed by 3 Wolves players, Shorthouse, Williams and Dunn and Les Smith has signed on a later page. Fair-generally good£30 - £35Click for More
888 1949 SEMI-FINAL Official programme, Portsmouth v Leicester City, 26/3/49, Cup Semi-Final at Arsenal, slight fold, pencil change. Generally good£25 - £30Click for More
889 1949 SEMI-FINAL Official programme, Wolves v Manchester United, 26/3/49, Cup Semi-Final at Hillsborough. Slight fold, no writing. Generally good£30 - £35Click for More
1735 1949 SEMI-FINAL - VIP Cup Semi-Final programme, Portsmouth v Leicester, 26/3/49 at Highbury, VIP issue with blue ribbon to op corner , no price and slightly different wording on front cover. Slight fold, no writing. Generally good£30 - £35Click for More
892 1950 CUP FINAL Official Dinner and dance Menu held by Arsenal to celebrate reaching the Cup Final v Liverpool, 29/4/50 at Cafe Royal, London. Earlier in the day Arsenal defeated Liverpool 2-0 at Wembley. Menu has red ribbon to spine and 13 signatures on the back cover including Male, Logie, Denis Compton, Drake, Tom Whittaker, Forbes, Lishman, Vallance, Bracewell-Smith (Director), Anna Neagle (famous Arsenal supporting actress/singer), Collett and Jack Train who was the official entertainer. Good£130 - £140Click for More

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