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1 TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR 1960-61 Superb item, a hard backed exercise book containing on each page a 6" x 4" photograph (glossy) of the eleven Spurs players who made up their usual Double -Winning team whilst opposite the photograph is the autograph of the relevant player which normally says "Best wishes " followed by the signature of the relevant player. The remainder of the book has full details of Spurs 1960-61 season, results , scorers, attendances, appearances etc plus one other signature (possibly Hollowbread). Photographs and signatures are Bill Brown, Peter Baker, Ron Henry, Danny Blanchflower, Maurice Norman, Dave Mackay, Terry Dyson, Les Allen, Bobby Smith, John White and Cliff Jones. Good£180 - £200Click for More
2 DONCASTER - YORK 1938 Doncaster home programme v York, 27/8/1938, opening game of the season, slight fold, score noted, small number on corner of cover. Generally good£80 - £85Click for More
3 HALIFAX - LUTON 1932-33 Halifax home programme v Luton Town, 18/2/1933, FA Cup fifth round, slight creasing, no writing. Generally good£130 - £140Click for More
4 HUDDERSFIELD - SHEFFIELD UTD 1924 Huddersfield Town home programme v Sheffield United, 22/3/1924, Huddersfield were Champions this season. Slight fold, no writing. Generally good£100 - £110Click for More
5 HUDDERSFIELD - BIRMINGHAM 1935 Huddersfield home programme v Birmingham, 27/4/1935, slight fold, pencil half-time scores. Generally good£75 - £80Click for More
6 NEW BRIGHTON - HALIFAX 1925 New Brighton home programme v Halifax, 31/1/1925, Midland Combination, Reserves game but full issue (12 pages), scuff along rear spine. Fair-generally good£110 - £120Click for More
7 NEW BRIGHTON - HULL 46 New Brighton home programme v Hull City, 26/10/46, slight fold. Good£50 - £55Click for More
8 NEW BRIGHTON - HARTLEPOOLS 48 New Brighton home programme v Hartlepools, 17/4/48, slight fold, no writing. Generally good£50 - £55Click for More
9 YORK CITY - HULL CITY 1933 York City home programme v Hull City, 9/9/1933, Midland League Reserves game, full issue, slight fold. Generally good£45 - £50Click for More
10 YORK CITY - HARTLEPOOLS 1932-33 York City home programme v Hartlepools United, 8/4/1933, Division 3 North. Good£85 - £90Click for More
11 WEST BROM - ASTON VILLA 1936 Full size West Brom home programme for Reserves match v Aston Villa, 25/4/1936, Central League, minor spine split otherwise good. Generally good£45 - £50Click for More
12 CLAPTON ORIENT - MILLWALL 1937 Clapton Orient home programme v Millwall, 13/3/1937, Division 3 South, slight folds, slightly grubby. Fair-generally good£55 - £60Click for More
13 READING - NOTTS COUNTY 1937 Reading home programme v Notts County, 18/9/1937, slight fold, no writing. Good£85 - £90Click for More
14 ROTHERHAM COUNTY - HALIFAX 1915 Rotherham County home programme v Halifax Town, 2/1/1915, Midland League, first team fixture for both sides, 16 page issue and bottom fifth of back cover has replacement paper which only affects adverts. Team lists are on front cover, slight fold and other than the repair noted, the programme is in generally good condition. As described.£320 - £350Click for More
15 WORLD CUP 54 Official programme, Uruguay v Hungary, 30/6/54 in Lausanne, World Cup Semi-Final. No writing. Generally good£130 - £150Click for More
16 WORLD CUP 54 Official programme, Austria v Germany, 30/6/54 in Basel, World Cup Semi-Final, some creasing, small tear, no writing. Fair-generally good£130 - £140Click for More
17 WORLD CUP 54 Official programme, Uruguay v Austria, 3/7/74 in Zurich, Third/ Fourth place game, no writing. Generally good£85 - £90Click for More
18 WORLD CUP 54 Official programme , World Cup Final, Hungary v Germany, 4/7/54 in Bern, no writing, very slight ageing. Good£220 - £240Click for More
19 SOUTHEND - NEWPORT 1936 Southend home programme v Newport County, 5/9/1936, a momentous day for Southend as they won the game 9-2, score, scorers noted and rusty staple removed. Fair-generally good£90 - £95Click for More
20 FULHAM - MANSFIELD 1931 Fulham home programme v Mansfield, 14/11/1931, Division 3 South, first Football League season for Mansfield and only their 15th game as a League Club. Mansfield lost 2-1 in front of the largest crowd that attended one of their games that season, 16,977. Minor folds, rusting tom staples and pencil score noted. Generally good£45 - £50Click for More
21 CHESTERFIELD - MANSFIELD 1934 Chesterfield home programme v Mansfield, 17/2/1934, Chesterfield were top of 3rd Division North at the time and won 3-2 but eventually they missed out on promotion by one point to Barnsley. Some creasing and minor tear repairs. Fair-generally good£75 - £80Click for More
22 WALSALL - MANSFIELD 1935 Walsall home programme v Mansfield, 5/10/1935, not a good day for Mansfield who lost 7-0. Slight fold. Good£75 - £80Click for More
23 MANSFIELD - WALSALL 1937 Mansfield home programme v Walsall, 8/9/1937, Mansfield won 3-1. First season in Third Division South for Mansfield. Very good£100 - £110Click for More
24 QPR - MANSFIELD 1937 Queens Park Rangers home programme v Mansfield, 9/10/1937, 1-1 draw, fold, slight creasing, pencil score etc, scuffs to spine. Fair£90 - £95Click for More
25 MANSFIELD - LINCOLN CITY 1937 Mansfield home programme v Lincoln City, 15/12/1937, FA Cup, midweek game after the original tie had been abandoned the previous Saturday with Lincoln leading 2-1 after 61 minutes. This time Mansfield won 2-1 and drew Leicester at home in the next round. Good£100 - £110Click for More
26 MANSFIELD - CLAPTON ORIENT 1938 Mansfield home programme v Clapton Orient, 5/2/1938, a 3-1 victory for Mansfield who finished the season in 14th position. Good£100 - £110Click for More
27 CRYSTAL PALACE - MANSFIELD 1938 Crystal Palace home programme v Mansfield, 2/4/1938. Palace won 4-0. slight fold, very minor ink mark to bottom edge of front cover. Generally good£65 - £70Click for More
28 WALSALL - MANSFIELD 1939 Walsall home programme v Mansfield , 2/2/1939. A small crowd of 2,980 saw this 0-0 draw on a Thursday afternoon. Slight fold, rusty staple. Generally good£75 - £80Click for More
29 MANSFIELD - SHEF UTD 42 Four page Mansfield home programme v Sheffield United, 12/12/42, Mansfield won 4-3, folds, pencil score noted. Generally good£55 - £60Click for More
30 MANSFIELD - NOTTS COUNTY 43 Four page Mansfield home programme v Notts County, 6/2/43, only 1,000 saw County win 4-2. Programme is a little worn at bottom edge , a few marks and slightly worn along folds. Pencil changes etc. Fair£55 - £60Click for More
31 MANSFIELD - CHESTERFIELD 43 Four page Mansfield home programme v Chesterfield, 27/2/43, 1500 saw Mansfield win 2-1, a rare win in a poor season for Mansfield. Minor fold, pencil change noted. Generally good£55 - £60Click for More
32 MANSFIELD - ROTHERHAM 43 Four page Mansfield home programme v Rotherham, 18/9/43, Mansfield won 3-2, slight fold. Generally good£45 - £50Click for More
33 MANSFIELD - NOTTS COUNTY 44 Four page Mansfield home programme v Notts County, 15/1/44, Mansfield won 1-0 as rather strangely the game was abandoned after 15 minutes but the result stood. Programme is a little worn and has small tears along folds. Fair£50 - £55Click for More
34 DERBY - MANSFIELD 44 Derby home programme v Mansfield, 19/2/44, Mansfield won 1-0 although Swindin (Arsenal) was in goal for Derby. Changes noted, slight creasing. War Cup game. Fair-generally good£30 - £35Click for More
35 ARSENAL 1936-37 Three Arsenal home programmes, 1936-37, v Sunderland 12/9/36, Brentford 9/9/36 and v Derby 26/9/36, pencil score, scorers etc, rusty staples. Fair-generally good£45 - £50Click for More
36 ARSENAL 1936-37 Three Arsenal home programmes, 1936-37, v Middlesbrough 21/11/36, v Grimsby 24/10/1936 (special issue re opening of the East Stand ) and v Sheffield Wed 10/10/1936, pencil score, scorers etc , rusty staples. Fair-generally good£45 - £50Click for More
37 ARSENAL 1936-37 Three Arsenal home programmes, 1936-37, v Chelsea 19/12/36, v Manchester City 5/12/36, and v Leeds 7/11/1936, score , scorers noted etc, minor staple rusting. Fair-generally good£45 - £50Click for More
38 ARSENAL 1936-37 Three Arsenal home programmes, 1936-37, v Wolves 23/1/1937, v Huddersfield 2/1/37 and v Preston 25/12/36. Pencil score, scorers. Generally good£45 - £50Click for More
39 ARSENAL 1936-37 Three Arsenal home programmes, 1936-37 , v West Brom 3/4/37, v Birmingham 20/3/37 and v Stoke 26/3/37. Pencil score, scorers etc, some staple rusting. Fair-generally good£45 - £50Click for More
40 ARSENAL 1936-37 Two Arsenal home programmes, 1936-37, v Bolton 1/5/37 and v Portsmouth 17/4/1937, pencil scores etc. Generally good£35 - £40Click for More
41 ARSENAL - MAN UTD 36-37 Arsenal home programme v Manchester United, 30/1/1937, FA Cup, pencil score, slight staple rusting. Generally good£55 - £60Click for More
42 ARSENAL 1937-38 Three Arsenal home programmes , 1937-38, v Huddersfield 1/9/37, Wolves 4/9/37 and v Sunderland 18/9/37. Pencil score, scorers, some staple rusting. Fair-generally good£45 - £50Click for More
43 ARSENAL 1937-38 Three Arsenal home programmes, 1937-38, v Middlesbrough 30/10/37, Portsmouth 16/10/37 and v Manchester City 2/10/1937. Pencil score, scorers etc, rusty staples. Fair-generally good£45 - £50Click for More
44 ARSENAL 1937-38 Three Arsenal home programmes, 1937-38, v Leeds 27/11/37, v Preston 11/12/37 and v Everton 1/1/38, score, scorers noted, rusty staples. Fair-generally good£45 - £50Click for More
45 ARSENAL 1937-38 Three Arsenal home programmes, 1937-38, v Bolton 8/1/38 Cup, Derby 5/2/38 and v Preston 12/2/38 Cup. Pencil score, scorers etc, rusty staple. Fair-generally good£45 - £50Click for More
46 ARSENAL 1937-38 Three Arsenal home programmes, 1937-38, v Grimsby 19/3/38, v Stoke 5/3/38 and v Chelsea 19/2/38. Pencil score, scorers, rusty staples. Fair-generally good£45 - £50Click for More
47 ARSENAL 1937-38 Three Arsenal home programmes, 1937-38, v Bolton 7/5/38, v Liverpool 30/4/38 and v Charlton 2/5/38. Pencil score, scorers, rusty staples. Fair-generally good£45 - £50Click for More
48 ARSENAL 1938-39 Three Arsenal home programmes, 1938-39, v Brentford 6/5/39, v Liverpool 18/3/39 and v Chelsea 18/2/1939. Pencil score, scorers, some staple rusting. Generally good£45 - £50Click for More
49 ARSENAL 1938-39 Three Arsenal home programmes, 1938-39, v Birmingham 3/12/1938, v Leicester 19/11/38 and v Huddersfield 31/12/38. Pencil score, scorers, slight staple rusting. Generally good£45 - £50Click for More
50 ARSENAL - MAN UTD 1939 Arsenal home programme v Manchester United, 15/4/1939, pencil score, scorers etc. Generally good£50 - £55Click for More
51 MANCHESTER UTD - ASTON VILLA 1914 Manchester United home programme v Aston Villa, 14/3/1914, volume 4 number 16, folds, some creasing, no writing, slight staple rusting. Fair-generally good£1300 - £1500Click for More
52 MANCHESTER UTD- STOKE CITY 1924 Manchester United home programme v Stoke, 29/3/1924, eight page programme, slight creasing , occasional minor mark, some ageing to edge, no writing, staples removed. Fair£700 - £750Click for More
53 MANCHESTER UTD - NEWCASTLE 1927 Manchester United home programme v Newcastle, 10/9/1927, eight page issue which includes full page United team group. Slight rust marks to staple area, no writing. Generally good£680 - £700Click for More
54 MANCHESTER UNITED - NEWCASTLE 1935 Manchester United home programme v Newcastle, 2/3/1935, slight fold, very minor ageing. Generally good£380 - £400Click for More
55 ASTON VILLA - MANCHESTER UTD 1906 Villa home programme v Manchester United, 26/12/1906, four page insert with teams listed included, volume 1 number 20, not ex bound volume . Slight marks, back cover slightly grubby but certainly reasonable, no writing. Fair-generally good£530 - £550Click for More
56 CHELSEA - MAN UTD 1909 Chelsea home programme v Manchester United, 13/3/1909, eight page fold out programme, minor repairs along worn folds, no writing. Fair£430 - £450Click for More
57 EVERTON - MAN UTD 1910 Everton home programme v Manchester United, 23/4/1910, also covers Liverpool Res v Man City Res, ex bound volume but complete with covers and whilst there is slight ageing, it is not fragile. Fair-generally good£530 - £550Click for More
58 TOTTENHAM - MAN UTD 1914 Tottenham home programme v Manchester United, 21/11/1914, eight page programme, ex bound volume, a little fragile at edges with minor paper loss (not significant), no writing. Fair£330 - £350Click for More
59 SHEF UTD - MAN UTD 1920 Sheffield United home programme v Manchester United, 13/11/1920, 16 page issue, ex bound volume. Generally good£280 - £300Click for More
60 BLACKPOOL - MAN UTD 1923 Blackpool home programme v Manchester United, 31/3/1923, Division 2, eight page programme, slight wear along folds and front cover a little grubby although remainder of the pages are generally good with no writing. Scarce item. Fair-generally good£800 - £900Click for More
61 WALES - SCOTLAND 46 VIP Very scarce heavily autographed VIP programme , Wales v Scotland 19/10/46 at Wrexham. Stiffened paper covers with red cord along spine and autographed on the inside cover by 16 ex players and officials including Billy Meredith, Ted Vizard, Jesse Pennington , commentator Raymond Glendenning and on team page by Welsh players George Edwards and Aubrey Powell. Senior Welsh FA officials have also signed the programme which was the property of Glenys Russell. Good£280 - £300Click for More
62 BOSTON - SUTTON TOWN 1925 Boston FC home programme V Sutton Town, 2/5/1925, Midland League, (Southern Section). Final game of the season. Spine repaired otherwise good. Fair-generally good£100 - £110Click for More
63 1945-FORCES REPRESENTATIVE Exceedingly rare match-card programme, Kandy Amateur League United Services XI v British Tourists, 4/10/45 at Kandy. The team lists are signed by the players including McShane (Blackburn), Delaney (Arsenal), Curtis (Arsenal) and many other members of the British Professionals Touring Party including Walker (Hearts), Corbett (Celtic), Milne (Celtic). The Kandy side consisted of British Servicemen and they have also signed the match card which belonged to one of their players. There is some paper erosion to the match card around the edges but the line-ups are not affected. Signed by 29 players in ink. The item belonged to Hartburn who played for Kandy and after the War he played for QPR, Millwall, Watford and Orient. Probably one of the scarcest Wartime representative programmes. Fair£160 - £180Click for More
64 USA - ENGLAND 1964 Official Menu for Banquet in honour of the Football Association , 26/5/64, the night before USA lost 10-0 to England. Held at the Waldorf-Astoria, New York and signed to front in ink by Norman, Banks, Thompson, Hunt, Flowers, Bailey and Thomson. Good£140 - £150Click for More
65 PORTSMOUTH - COMBINED SERVICES 1946 Very scarce programme for game played in Hannover, Combined Services v Portsmouth, 13/3/46, Combined Services included players from Hull, Chelsea, Birmingham, Bury, Arsenal (Compton and Lewis), Derby, Morton and Burnley (Harrison). Portsmouth lost the game 3-1. Pencil score, scorers. Good£120 - £130Click for More
66 NEWARK - NOTTM FOREST 1923 Newark Town home programme v Nottingham Forest, 22/12/1923, Notts Senior Cup, 12 page programme. Forest fielded a strong team with six players having played over 50 times for the first team including Parker (157 appearances), Bulling (186 appearances) and Barrett (216 first team appearances). Despite this Newark won 2-1. Professional spine repairs and possibly cleaned but now in generally good condition. As described£170 - £180Click for More
67 SCOTLAND - ENGLAND 1944 Scotland home programme for wartime International v England, 22/4/44 at Hampden Park. England won 3-2 in a hard fought affair. Despite the crowd of 133,000, the programme is scarce. Score neatly noted. Good£180 - £200Click for More
68 JAMES WILSON -RANGERS - ST BERNARDS Six items relating to James Wilson, rare correspondence and rosettes . James Wilson was a very successful athlete in the 1880s and he then started training athletes where he was also successful. In the early 1890s , coinciding with the rise of football, he took an interest in football and joined St Bernards from Broxburn Thistle in 1894-95.. He was immediately successful and St Bernards defeated Renton 2-1 to win the Scottish Cup and the following season they reached the Semi-Final before losing to Hearts. In 1897 Wilson joined Rangers and stayed with them until his early death, in 1914, from pneumonia. Whilst he was at Rangers, they won 7 titles, 2 Scottish Cups , 8 Glasgow Cups and 6 Glasgow Charity Cups. He was also involved with Scotland and they only lost twice whilst he was involved. The Lot includes a newspaper tribute on his death in 1914, a letter in his own hand listing his career details to 1913-14, a letter from N.Macdonald dated 13/7/1897 in his own hand , providing a reference to help him join Rangers, a letter from St Bernards captain Willie Baird requesting on behalf of the team , that Wilson should stay with the club, dated 8/7/1897, newspaper reports from 1895-96 covering St Bernards v Leith and Hearts v St Bernards (fragile) and five rosettes from the 1890s, two blue and white (Rangers !!) , one pink and gold.( possibly St Bernards as one of their kits was pink and gold), and two maroon and gold /yellow which could be Hearts ). Most of the items are in generally good condition and a couple are a little fragile. Fair-generally good£140 - £150Click for More
69 JAMES WILSON - ATHLETE Collection of items relating to the famous Scottish athlete , James Wilson who went on to have a successful training career in athletics and football before pneumonia in 1914 resulted in an early death. This Lot contains a newspaper item relating to his untimely death, a number of newspaper cuttings relating to athletics, two all white rosettes and two button-hole ribbons circa 1890 and relating to athletics. Fair-generally good£70 - £80Click for More
70 JAMES WILSON - ARTHUR SHRUBB - IBROX Small pink rosette given to Wilson by the greatest runner of the period , Arthur Shrubb. A postcard of Shrubb with a handwritten message on the back is also included. The rosette is of great significance because it has been annotated to rear "West of Scotland Harrier Sports which were held at Ibrox Park, 11/6/1904. Shrubb , the holder of every world record for distances between 1 mile and 10 miles, broke the two mile world record at this event and it was not broken again until 1936. Wilson was heavily involved with Shrubbs performances when he came to Scotland. Generally good£100 - £120Click for More
71 WARTIME FOOTBALL Matchcard programme, Eric Haywards XI v Lucknow Services XI, 8/2/46 at Lucknow, India. The touring team (Haywards XI) included Potts (Burnley), Hardisty (Middlesbrough), Hayward (Blackpool) and Yeomanson (Leeds) with other players from Fulham, QPR, Gateshead, Albion Rovers, Grimsby, Falkirk and Chesterfield. Score, scorers noted, Haywards XI won 5-2. Generally good£60 - £70Click for More
72 WARTIME FOOTBALL Very scarce programme for game played in Haifa, Palestine, 30/3/46, Palestine North (United Services) v Wanderers (Egypt United Services). The Palestine Side included Alf Ramsey, Rowley, Corbett. Four page programme, team changes and slight creases. Generally good£110 - £120Click for More
73 WARTIME FOOTBALL Four page programme on poor quality paper which has survived well. 53 (W) Division v Combined Clubs of Dusseldorf , 2/12/45 in the Rheinstadion, Dusseldorf. The services team who had lost 2-1 to Schalke the previous week included Pritchard (Leicester) in goal who had saved a penalty against Schalke, Meakin (Stoke) and Mason (Swansea). Dusseldorf included players from Eintracht, Fortuna 95 and Viktoria 32 amongst other clubs. Fair£60 - £70Click for More
74 DULWICH HAMLET 1940 Four page Dulwich Hamlet programme v Metropolitan Police, 14/12/1940, London Senior Cup, some wear and tears along folds. Poor attendances lead to Dulwich considering stopping playing but the editorial states that they decided to carry on. Poor quality paper but likely to be very scarce issue. Fair£35 - £40Click for More
75 WARTIME - INDIA Scarce programme, Tommy Walkers XI v RAF XI, 10/2/46 at Rawalpindi, four page programme with Walker (Hearts) leading his team which also included players from Swansea (John), Spurs, Plymouth, Hamilton, Man Utd (Robinson and Morris), Wolves (Allen), Portadown, Elgin City and Cardiff. Folds. Generally good£70 - £80Click for More
76 RAF - WESTERN COMMAND 44 Single sheet Liverpool programme, Royal Air Force XI v Western Command at Anfield, 20/5/44. Both teams have signed the programme in ink and amongst the 22 signatories are Matt Busby, Frank Swift, Tommy Lawton, Peter Doherty. Stan Matthews plus Black and Pope of Hearts, Pryde (Blackburn) and Dodds, Hayward and Jones of Blackpool. generally good£140 - £150Click for More
77 INDIA 1943 Rare and unusual four page programme for a match between Snappers and City Police played in the Harwood League based in Bombay India on 31/7/43. Both teams, who were the two top of the League table sides, comprised British players and there were 12 sides in the Division. Folds, some creasing Fair£35 - £40Click for More
78 BURMA 1946 Single sheet programme on Burma Star letter heading, ISSECC Touring Team v Army XI, 18-4-46 in Rangoon. The touring team had played six games in seven days in Singapore and seven games in 7 days in Malaya and this was their final tour before they returned to their units based in India. Players included 3 from Nottingham Forest, Hayward (Blackpool) , Flack (Fulham) , Yeomanson (Leeds) and other players from Aston Villa, Albion Rovers, Clyde, Falkirk and Leicester. folds. Generally good£100 - £110Click for More
79 IRELAND v ARMY 1943 Scarce small single sheet programme on pale green paper, Army v Ireland , 11/9/43 at Windsor Park, Belfast. Ireland included Brolly (Millwall), Doherty (Man City), Stevenson (Everton) and Jones (Blackpool) , the other members of the Irish team all being based in Ireland including 4 x Belfast Celtic and 2 x Linfield. The Army side included Swift, both Comptons, Cullis and Britton. Programme measures 7" x 6". Generally good£90 - £100Click for More
80 WARTIME - ITALY Four page programme, Army Touring XI v S.E.Italy, 27/5/45 at Bari. The Army team captained by Busby won 6-3 which wasn't too surprising as they had 11 Internationals in the team . The S.E.Italy XI included 5 Poles , Fielding of Charlton and Walker of West Ham. Score noted, fold. Generally good£70 - £75Click for More
81 KARACHI 1944 Large 40 page programme , Army v RAF , 23/4/44 at YMCA ground, Karachi which at the time was in India. Charity game, players included Fairclough (Blackburn-wartime, Oldham and Southport), Taylor (Burnley) and several other players with professional club experience , usually in the lower divisions of the Football League or the Reserve teams. Creased. Fair£45 - £50Click for More
82 EGYPT - 43-44 Two single sheet programmes for games played at the El Alamein Club, Wanderers (Touring team) v Egyptian FA (Cairo) 2/1/44, Finney on right wing for Wanderers, (worn, folds) and Cairo Area v Trams Sports Club , Alexandria (Egyptian players), 26/12/43 with Finney also on the right wing for Cairo Area who won the game 7-1. Fair-generally good£55 - £60Click for More
83 WARTIME-INDIA Four page programme, Tommy Walkers XI v Services Peshawar, 7/9/45 at Garrison Football Ground, Roberts Barracks, Peshawar, Walkers XI included Walker (Hearts) , Milne (Celtic) Whatley (Spurs and Wales), Corbett (Celtic and Scotland), Pugh (Cardiff) and Meaney (Celtic). The touring squad is listed in full and also includes amongst the 19 players goalkeeper John (Swansea and Wales), Powell (QPR and Wales) and H.McShane (Blackburn). Generally good£55 - £60Click for More
84 WARTIME - INDIA Single sheet programme, Services XI v Manipur Road, 18/3/45 at the I.T.A ground. Services XI included Ditchburn (Spurs), Milne (Celtic), Hayward (Blackpool), Walker (Hearts) and Curtis (Arsenal). Scarce programme, minor folds, small tear. Generally good£55 - £60Click for More
85 CHELSEA - MAN UTD 1925 Chelsea home programme v Manchester United, played Monday 13/4/1925, eight page issue, team changes noted, slight creasing. Fair-generally good£300 - £350Click for More
86 FULHAM - MAN UTD 1926 Fulham home programme v Manchester United, 6/3/1926, Cup sixth round. United won 2-1 but probably regretted doing so after they lost the Semi-Final to Manchester City. Slight fold and some staple rusting but no writing. Generally good£280 - £300Click for More
87 SHEFFIELD UNITED - MAN UTD 1926 Sheffield United home programme v Manchester United, 24/4/1926, ex bound volume. Generally good£240 - £260Click for More
88 WEST HAM - MAN UTD 1926 West Ham home programme v Manchester United, 30/10/1926, slight fold, slight marks, very minor tear to edge of cover. Generally good£340 - £360Click for More
89 ARSENAL - MAN UTD 1928 Arsenal home programme v Manchester United, 28/4/1928, slight fold, staple rusting, no writing. Generally good£180 - £200Click for More
90 WEST BROM RES - MAN UTD 1929 West Brom home reserves full size programme v Manchester United Reserves, 25/12/1929, slight fold. Good£140 - £150Click for More
91 EVERTON - MAN UTD 1929 Everton home programme v Manchester United, 14/12/1929, also covers Liverpool Reserves v Man City Res, ex bound volume. Good£280 - £300Click for More
92 MIDDLESBROUGH - MAN UTD 1929 Middlesbrough home programme v Manchester United, 14/9/1929, ex bound volume, spine repaired and pencil changes with ageing to front cover. Fair£320 - £350Click for More
93 SHEF UTD - MAN UTD 1930 Sheffield United home programme v Manchester United, 22/11/1930, ex bound volume. Good£180 - £200Click for More
94 CHELSEA - MAN UTD 1930 Chelsea home programme v Manchester United, 6/9/1930, eight page issue, slight fold, probably cleaned. Generally good£160 - £180Click for More
95 CHARLTON - MAN UTD 1932 Charlton home programme v Manchester United, 28/3/1932, Easter Monday, name written at top of cover, slight fold, scorer and changes noted. Some staple rusting. Fair-generally good£230 - £250Click for More
96 FULHAM - MAN UTD 1933 Fulham home programme v Manchester United, 4/11/1933, rusty staple area holes, slight creasing and minor folds. Fair£120 - £140Click for More
97 WEST HAM - MAN UTD 1934 West Ham home programme v Manchester United 2/4/1934, slight fold. Generally good£180 - £200Click for More
98 DONCASTER - MAN UTD 1936 Doncaster Rovers home programme v Manchester United, 4/4/1936. Tape along spine and small tape marks to spine of a couple of pages, slight fold, no writing. Fair£280 - £300Click for More
99 BRENTFORD - MAN UTD 1936 Brentford home programme v Manchester United, 10/10/1936, slight fold. Good£100 - £120Click for More
100 ARSENAL - MAN UTD 1937 Arsenal home programme v Manchester United 6/2/1937, slight fold, light pencil score noted. Good£75 - £80Click for More

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