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Sale Day: 14/07/2017

Sale results will be uploaded periodically throughout the sale (Internet connection and workload permitting). 

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LotLateDescriptionSale Price
1 NEWCASTLE - BURNLEY 1938-39 Newcastle home programme v Burnley, 10/9/1938, ex bound volume, complete with covers. Good£130.00
2 NEWCASTLE - WEST BROM 1938-39 Newcastle home programme v West Brom, 14/9/1938, staple removed, h-t scores noted, slight creasing. Generally good£180.00
3 NEWCASTLE - NORWICH 1938-39 Newcastle home programme v Norwich, 27/12/1938, a nice local journey for Norwich at Christmas time, fold, some creasing and pencil h-t scores. Fair-generally good£180.00
4 NEWCASTLE - FULHAM 1938-39 Newcastle home programme v Fulham, 12/11/1938, Slight fold, pencil h-t scores. Generally good£190.00
5 NEWCASTLE - NOTTM FOREST 1938-39 Newcastle home programme v Nottingham Forest, 8/10/1938, unfortunately the programme is without covers which for the most part are adverts except for the date and Newcastle United title heading. The inside pages are complete. As described£45.00
6 BRADFORD PA - NEWCASTLE 1938-39 Bradford Park Avenue home programme v Newcastle, 4/3/1939, the programme has what appears to be drink stains on most pages, slight fold, pencil h-t scores. Fair£110.00
7 BURNLEY - NEWCASTLE 1938-39 Burnley home programme v Newcastle, 14/1/1939, slight fold. Generally good£110.00
8 CHESTERFIELD - NEWCASTLE 1938-39 Chesterfield home programme v Newcastle, 7/4/1939,. Generally good£0.00
9 MILLWALL - NEWCASTLE 1938-39 Millwall home programme v Newcastle, 1/4/1939, slight marks to back cover, score noted. Generally good£60.00
10 WEST BROM - NEWCASTLE 1938-39 West Brom home programme v Newcastle, 7/9/1938. Good£130.00
11 YORK 1936 4 Page programme York City v Hartlepools United March 28th 1936. Slight rusting. Good£200.00
12 YORK 1936 4 Page programme York City v Tranmere Rovers September 2nd 1936. No staples with minor repair. Generally good£130.00
13 YORK/HALIFAX 1938 4 Page programme York City v Halifax Town September 17th 1938. Good£190.00
14 YORK/HALIFAX 45 4 Page programme York City v Halifax Town October 6th 1945. Good£80.00
15 YORK/DONCASTER Programme York City v Doncaster Rovers October 19th 1946. Scorer/team changes in light pencil otherwise generally good Generally good£70.00
16 YORK / ROCHDALE Programme York City v Rochdale November 29th 1947. Team changes ,some ageing. Generally good£110.00
17 YORK / DARLINGTON Programme York City v Darlington February 26th 1949. Vertical folds with some ageing. Generally good£20.00
18 GATESHEAD / YORK Gatefold programme Gateshead v York City FA Cup 1st Round 26th November 1949. Slight wear with some fraying of the edges. Year denoted in pencil. Fair to generally good£30.00
19 NEW BRIGHTON / YORK 4 Page programme New Brighton v York City May 17th 1947. Generally good.£110.00
20 DARLINGTON / YORK Single sheet programme Darlington v York City 29th September 1945. War League. Small mark , team changes in pencil. Generally good£30.00
21 YORK 46-7 Two York City away programmes from the 1946/47 season v Tranmere Rovers (rusty staples) and Stockport County. Fair-generally good£170.00
22 WEST BROM - WOLVES 1935 West Brom home programme v Wolves, 23/2/1935, very slight fold. Good£140.00
23 WREXHAM - DARLINGTON 1935 Wrexham home programme v Darlington, 28/9/1935, score noted. Generally good£380.00
24 SOUTHAMPTON - BURNLEY 1935-36 Southampton home programme v Burnley, 21/3/1936, pencil change, slight marks. Generally good£150.00
25 SWANSEA - LEEDS 52 Scarce Swansea home programme v Leeds, 19/4/52, score noted on cover, slight fold, h-t scores noted. Fair-generally good£110.00
26 WELLINGTON TOWN - ASTON VILLA 47 Wellington Town home programme v Aston Villa, 8/4/47, Worcestershire Senior Cup, somewhat unusual as neither club are in Worcestershire. Eight page programme, name on one inside page, slight creasing. Fair-generally good£80.00
27 HEARTS - KELSO UNITED 51 Hearts "B" home programme v Kelso United, 17/3/51, King Cup Second Round, four page issue. Good£45.00
28 ST JOHNSTONE - STIRLING ALBION 53 St Johnstone home programme v Stirling Albion, 21/3/53, "C" League Cup, four page issue, score noted. Generally good£40.00
29 WALES - RAF 44 Four page programme, Wales v RAF at Wrexham, 2/9/44, seven Arsenal players involved, 3 for Wales and 4 for the RAF, other players included Sidlow (Wolves), Burgess (Spurs), Carter, Matthews and Mortensen. Creased, tears to edge and small ink marks on cover. Fair£65.00
30 WATFORD - LEEDS 55 Watford home programme v Leeds United, 15/2/55, floodlight friendly, creased. Fair-generally good£30.00
31 VALERENGENS - EVERTON 64 Scarce programme, Valerengens I.F. v Everton, 23/9/64, Fairs Cup, the most difficult Everton programme to obtain in Europe, rusty staple removed and included separately, possibly cleaned. Generally good£900.00
32 ASTON VILLA - EVERTON 1911 Aston Villa home programme v Everton, 23/9/1911, ex bound volume, tears along spine, slight ageing. Fair£0.00
33 EVERTON - PRESTON 1910 Everton home programme v Preston 22/1/1910 also covers Liverpool Reserves v Blackburn Res, , almost certainly ex bound volume with tape along spine but otherwise generally good. Fair£150.00
34 EVERTON - PRESTON 1906 Everton home programme v Preston, 6/1/1906, also covers Liverpool Res v Blackburn Res, tape along spine, ex bound volume. Fair-generally good£170.00
35 EVERTON - SHEF WED 1913 Everton home programme v Shef Wed, 26/4/1913, also covers Liverpool Res v Glossop Res, fragile along edges with some paper loss ( not significant). Poor-fair£55.00
36 EVERTON - ARSENAL 1937 Everton home programme v Arsenal, 28/8/1937, Arsenal Championship season, staple removed but enclosed separately, no writing. Generally good£110.00
37 EVERTON - MAN CITY-MAN UTD 1921 Everton home programme v Manchester City, 5/2/1921, also covers Liverpool Res v Manchester United Res, ex bound volume. Generally good£150.00
38 EVERTON - BURNLEY 1927 Everton home programme v Burnley, 1/1/1927, also covers Liverpool Res v Wolves Res, staple enclosed separately.=, minor spine repair. Generally good£130.00
39 ARSENAL - EVERTON 1934 Arsenal home programme v Everton, 3/11/1934, staples removed but enclosed separately, slight folds. Generally good£35.00
40 ARSENAL - EVERTON 1933-34 Arsenal home programme v Everton, 3/2/1934, staples removed, folds, score, scorers noted. Fair-generally good£40.00
41 TOTTENHAM - EVERTON 1934 Tottenham home programme v Everton, 13/1/1934, FA Cup, slight folds. Generally good£35.00
42 EVERTON - TOTTENHAM 1933 Everton home programme v Tottenham, 21/10/1933, also covers Liverpool Reserves v Bury Reserves. Staple removed but included separately, slight ageing. Generally good£150.00
43 CHELSEA - EVERTON 1934 Chelsea home programme v Everton, 14/4/1934, rust marks, fold. Fair£25.00
44 MANCHESTER UNITED - EVERTON 1939 Manchester United home programme v Everton, 29/3/1939, slight fold, staple removed but enclosed separately. Generally good£480.00
45 EVERTON - MANCHESTER UNITED 1938 Everton home programme v Manchester United, 19/11/1938, Everton Championship season. Staple removed but included separately, slight marks on a few pages, no writing. Generally good£240.00
46 EVERTON - LIVERPOOL 1938 Football League Jubilee match programme, Everton v Liverpool, 20/8/1938 at Goodison Park, staples removed but enclosed. Good£70.00
47 EVERTON - MIDDLESBROUGH 1938 Everton home programme v Middlesbrough, 5/11/1938, score, scorers noted, Everton Championship season, staple removed. Generally good£95.00
48 EVERTON - LEEDS UTD 1938 Everton home programme v Leeds United, 22/10/1938, slight fold, staple removed but included, Everton Championship season. Generally good£0.00
49 EVERTON - GRIMSBY 1935 Everton home programme v Grimsby, 12/1/1935, FA Cup, also covers Liverpool "A" v Skelmersdale Utd, small tear , staple removed but included. Fair-generally good£90.00
50 EVERTON - SUNDERLAND 1934 Everton home programme v Sunderland, 25/12/1934, also covers Liverpool Res v Man City Res, ex bound volume. Generally good£120.00
51 ARSENAL V RANGERS 1958 POSTPONED Programme for the Friendly match at Arsenal 28/10/1958 which was postponed due to fog. Good£140.00
52 FRANCE V ENGLAND 1938 Friendly played 25 May 1938 at Parce des Princes, Paris. Very rare French FA 12-page newspaper style issue dated the day of the match 25 May 1938. Published by Organe Officiel De La Federation Francaise De Football Association. Includes large central page team line-ups and history of encounters between the two nations. The front cover welcome's England to France and is titled ''FOOTBALL - Cordiale Bienvenue aux Souveains d'Angleterre'' France played England as a warm up fixture for the 1938 FIFA World Cup which they hosted and began the following week in early June. This issue also has various 1938 World Cup tournament articles and previews. The French FA used this paper to announce their news bulletins including French International matches during this period. The spine has some thin clear tape for protection only. Minor paper replaced at top corner edge minimal print effected. Fair - generally good£300.00
53 ITALY V ENGLAND 1948 Italy v England played 16 May 1948 at the Stadio Comunale, Turin. Rare 20-page issue produced before the match titled ''TUTTO SU ITALIA-INGHILTERRA'', includes history of the previous Italy-England internationals 1933 /1934 / 1939 with team line-ups and Italian team pen pictures etc. Generally good£400.00
54 BOBBY MOORE 1965 Portuguesa (Brazil) v West Ham United ''International Soccer League'' official programme for the match played 28 June 1965 at Randalls Island Stadium, New York. The programme has been signed in pen on the team-page by Bobby Moore. Slight fold. Generally good£190.00
55 1970 WORLD CUP MEXICO A rare 52-page Mexican tournament brochure previewing the FIFA World Cup. Multi language issue in Spanish, French & English titled ''Coupe du Monde World Cup Copa del Mundo'' Includes history of the previous FIFA World Cup's, introduction to the competing nations, tournament fixture programme and tables, history of Mexico & Tourist information guide. The covers for the brochure were an art design used for an official poster at the 1970 World Cup in Mexico. Generally good£120.00
56 1970 FIFA WORLD CUP MEXICO A rare 60-page Tournament brochure produced in Malta (Maltese language) previewing the FIFA World Cup. Includes colour covers, history of the World Cup, introductions to each nation with team pictures, squad details, full group fixture tables, central page programme plus blank pages for the later rounds up to and including the Final (no writing). Good£65.00
57 1977 EUROPEAN CUP FINAL Borussia Monchengladbach v Liverpool played 25 May 1977 at the Stadio Olimpico, Rome. Scarce unused services ticket pass. Marks to back from being laid down. Generally good£0.00
58 NEW BRIGHTON /HALIFAX 1931/32 New Brighton v Halifax Town (Division 3 North) official programme for the match played 7/5/1932. Ex bound volume, token missing from top corner. Generally good£0.00
59 NEW BRIGHTON /HALIFAX 1932/33 New Brighton v Halifax Town (Division 3 North) official programme for the match played 22/10/1932. Wear along folds, small tears, token removed from top corner. Generally good£0.00
60 HALIFAX / ROCHDALE 1938/39 Halifax Town v Rochdale (Football League Jubilee) Rare official programme for the FA Benevolent Fund fixture played 20/8/1938. This is one the rarest Football League Jubilee programmes to obtain with a low attendance. Generally good£200.00
61 ROCHDALE /HALIFAX 1939/40 Rochdale v Halifax Town (Truncated Season / Football League Jubilee) Rare official programme for the FA Benevolent Fund fixture played 19/8/1939 at the start of the truncated season before WW2. This is one of the rarest Football League Jubilee programmes to obtain with a low attendance. Generally good£220.00
62 BRADFORD CITY / HALIFAX 1942/43 Bradford City v Halifax Town (Abandoned War League North fixture) Rare official team card played 26/12/1942. The match was abandoned after 67 minutes with the scores tied at 1-1. The Football League ordered the result to stand. Fold. Generally good£0.00
63 BRADFORD PA / HALIFAX 1942/43 Bradford Park Avenue v Halifax Town (War League North) Official programme for the match played 9/1/1943. Creased. Generally good£80.00
64 HALIFAX / HULL 1944/45 Halifax Town v Hull City (War League North) Rare official programme for the match played 9/9/1944. This was the first Halifax Town home programme produced after the 1940/41 war season and published by John Walsh printers of Halifax. It was the only time this printer was used by the club before reverting back to the regular pre-war printer, A.E Bosworth of Halifax. Slight fold. Generally good£110.00
65 HALIFAX / PRESTON 1944/45 Halifax Town v Preston North End (War League North) Rare official programme for the match played 30/9/1944. Slight fold. Generally good£100.00
66 HALIFAX / SOUTHPORT 1944/45 Halifax Town v Southport (War League North) official programme for the match played 7/10/1944. Slight fading. Generally good£0.00
67 HALIFAX / OLDHAM 1944/45 Halifax Town v Oldham Athletic (War League North) official programme for the match played 28/10/1944. Generally good£60.00
68 HALIFAX / BLACKPOOL 1944/45 Halifax Town v Blackpool (War League North) official programme for the match played 18/11/1944. A little worn slight crease. Generally good£0.00
69 HALIFAX / ROCHDALE1944/45 Halifax Town v Rochdale (War League North) official programme for the match played 16/12/1944. Slight fold. Generally good£0.00
70 HALIFAX / HUDDERSFIELD 1944/45 Halifax Town v Huddersfield Town (War League War Cup Qualifier) official programme for the match played  30/12/1944. Generally good£70.00
71 MAN CITY- EVERTON 43 Man City four page home programme v Everton, 25/12/43, slight folds, no writing. Generally good£28.00
72 MAN CITY - OLDHAM 43-44 Man City home programme v Oldham, 8/1/44, slight folds. Generally good£30.00
73 MAN CITY - MAN UTD 43-4 Man City home programme v Manchester United, 29/1/44, slight wear along folds, no writing, very minor tape . Fair-generally good£40.00
74 MAN CITY - LIVERPOOL 43-4 Man City home programme v Liverpool, 18/3/44, minor fold, slight ageing. Generally good£28.00
75 MAN CITY - BIRMINGHAM 434 Man City home programme v Birmingham, 1/4/44, War Cup North, score, scorer noted, slight fold. Fair-generally good£0.00
76 MAN CITY - BLACKPOOL 44-5 Two different Man City home programmes, both v Blackpool, 26/12/44 and 21/4/45, both have minor folds and 21/4/45 has pencil changes etc noted and top half of cover is slightly grubby. Fair-generally good£0.00
77 MAN CITY-LIVERPOOL 44-5 Two different Man City home programmes, both v Liverpool, 16/9/44 , pencil changes, slight fold and 14/4/45, score noted, minor marks. Fair-generally good£35.00
78 MAN CITY - BURY 44-45 Two different Man City home programmes, both v Bury, 2/12/44 and 30/12/44, folds, a few marks, score, scorers noted. Fair£0.00
79 MAN CITY - CHESTER 44-5 Man City home programme v Chester, 23/12/44, folds, slightly grubby, no writing. Fair£0.00
80 MAN CITY - HALIFAX 44-5 Man City home programme v Halifax, 13/1/45, slight folds, pencil score, scorers. Fair-generally good£0.00
81 SCUNTHORPE - TOTTENHAM 51 F.O.B One of the more unusual Festival of Britain programmes, Scunthorpe United v Tottenham, 10/5/51, Festival of Britain, Stanley Matthews and Jackie Milburn guested for Scunthorpe, first season as a Football League club for Scunthorpe. Rusty staple, slight creasing, minor rust marks. Fair-generally good£0.00
82 CHELMSFORD - TOTTENHAM 51 Chelmsford City home programme v Tottenham, 30/4/51, Denny Foreman Benefit match, numerous first team players in Spurs side including Willis, Withers, Burgess and Walters. Pencil changes, slight creases. Generally good£220.00
83 TOTTENHAM - LOVELLS 1950 Very rare Tottenham single sheet home programme, Tottenham Hotspur v Lovell's Athletic, 18/9/1950, small paper replacement at top edge but relatively minor. No writing . Much sought after programme. Fair-generally good£900.00
84 TOTTENHAM 1950-51 First programme of the 1950-51 Tottenham Championship season, Practice match four page issue, Whites v Reds, 12/8/1950, score changes noted, slight staining. Fair-generally good£40.00
85 VARSITY AT TOTTENHAM 50-51 Four page Tottenham programme, Oxford v Cambridge, 9/12/50 at White Hart Lane, Varsity match, Peter May in Cambridge University side and several players went on to play for Pegasus. Small piece torn off top edge of back cover, pencil changes, slight creases. fair£50.00
86 BOLTON - SPURS 50-51 Bolton home programme v Tottenham, 23/8/50, Tottenham title season, slight creasing. Fair£570.00
87 LIVERPOOL - SPURS 50-51 Liverpool home programme v Spurs, 6/9/50, Tottenham title season, midweek game, wear along fold on back cover, some creasing. Fair£50.00
88 HUDDERSFIELD - SPURS 50-51 Huddersfield home programme v Tottenham, 25/11/50, Spurs title season.. Huddersfield won 3-2 and a note on the team page describes it as a "thrilling game, the best of the season". Score, scorers noted. Generally good£50.00
89 MIDDLESBROUGH - SPURS 50-51 Scarce Middlesbrough home programme v Tottenham, 21/4/51, Spurs could have clinched the title with victory but a 1-1 draw and a win for Manchester United at Newcastle delayed the celebrations. Score neatly noted. Generally good£85.00
90 STOKE - TOTTENHAM 50-51 Stoke home programme v Tottenham, 10/3/51, fold. Generally good£70.00
91 BURNLEY - TOTTENHAM 50-51 Burnley home programme v Tottenham, 24/2/51, neat changes. Generally good£120.00
92 SUNDERLAND - TOTTENHAM 50-51 Sunderland home programme v Tottenham, 3/2/51, small newspaper match report cutting included, game finished 0-0 as Spurs advanced towards their first title season. Slight fold. Generally good£120.00
93 DERBY-TOTTENHAM 50-51 Derby County home programme v Tottenham, 25/12/50, 11am start for this Christmas Day game with Derby producing a special Christmas cover for the programme. Team changes and rusty staple. Fair-generally good£80.00
94 BLACKPOOL - TOTTENHAM 50-51 Blackpool home programme v Tottenham, 16/12/50, Spurs title season, score on cover, slight folds, score noted. Fair-generally good£140.00
95 HUDDERSFIELD - SPURS 50-51 CUP Huddersfield home programme v Tottenham, 6/1/51, Cup Third Round, fold, no writing. Generally good£70.00
96 NANTES - TOTTENHAM 71 Large format Nantes programme v Tottenham, 20/10/71, UEFA Cup, four page issue, fold, no writing. Generally good£0.00
97 RAPID BUCUREST - TOTTENHAM 71-2 No programme was produced for this UEFA Cup tie , 15/12/71 in Bucharest but this is the next best thing, a typewritten team sheet on Rapid Bucharest notepaper listing the two teams, match officials and a message from the Rapid Bucharest President. Believed to have been given to VIPS and Journalists. Three punch-holes down left side but they do not affect the type print. Generally good £300.00
98 FA CUP SEMI FINAL Programme for the FA Cup Semi Final Southampton v Sheffield United at Stamford Bridge (Chelsea) 28th March 1925. Ex Bound Volume. Good/very good £400.00
99 HUDDERSFIELD/MAN UTD Programme Huddersfield Town v Manchester United 29th March 1947. Lacks staples due to rust with score/scorers/team changes and half-times inserted.£0.00
100 ENGLAND TICKET Ticket England v France at Highbury (Arsenal) 3rd May 1947.Directors Box ticket. Good £160.00


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