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Sale Day: 01/12/2017

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LotLateDescriptionSale Price
1 HALIFAX - HARTLEPOOLS 1933 Halifax Town home programme v Hartlepools Utd 9/12/1933, FA Cup. Good£110.00
2 HALIFAX - ROTHERHAM TOWN 1922 Halifax Town home programme v Rotherham Town, 18/11/1922, FA Cup and a historic occasion being the first FA Cup tie to be played at The Shay, originally due to be played at Rotherham but Rotherham County were also drawn at home and the tie was switched to The Shay. Halifax were members of the Third Division North whilst Rotherham Town were in the Midland League. Halifax won 6-1. Creases, slight spine splits, no writing. Fair-generally good£300.00
3 HALIFAX - PORT VALE 1938 Halifax home programme v Port Vale, 26/3/1938, staple removed. Good£110.00
4 QPR - READING 1938 QPR home programme v Reading, 26/2/1938, mark to top corner, some staple rusting. Generally good£0.00
5 TRANMERE - HALIFAX 1928 Tranmere home programme v Halifax Town, 1/9/1928, folds, staple removed, staple area hole, minor paper loss to some corners (not significant). Fair£0.00
6 STOKE- ASTON VILLA 1933 Stoke home programme v Aston Villa, 14/10/1933, folds, slight creasing, a few marks and minor stains. Fair-generally good£160.00
7 WEST BROM - ASTON VILLA 41/2 West Brom four page home programme, 25/5/42 v Aston Villa, friendly, ex bound volume. Good£110.00
8 WEST BROM - ASTON VILLA Two West Brom home programmes, both v Aston Villa, 10/10/42 (tape marks, creased, worn, fair at best) and 30/10/43 (score, scorers, minor tape mark and small tear-fair). As described£0.00
9 WEST BROM - WOLVES 45 West Brom home programme v Wolves, 26/5/45, score typed on cover, Scorers, attendance noted, only 2,500. Generally good£110.00
10 BRADFORD PA - SUNDERLAND 43 Bradford Park Avenue home programme v Sunderland, 30/10/43, fold , small tear and mark at bottom left corner of cover, no writing. Fair-generally good£60.00
11 HUDDERSFIELD - GATESHEAD 1941 Huddersfield home programme v Gateshead, 15/11/41, four page issue and tribute paid to the victims of the terrible catastrophe at Messrs Booths Clothing Factory with many deaths and injuries. Score noted, slight fold. Generally good£85.00
12 BRADFORD PA 1972 Bradford Park Avenue scarce postponed match home programme v South Liverpool, 16/12/72, Northern Premier League. Good£0.00
13 1940s Eleven programmes, all 40s, Huddersfield v Newcastle 48/9 and v West Brom 49/50, Crewe v Oldham 49/50 (Cup-spine splitting), Tranmere v Gateshead 48/9, Man City v Bury 44/5 and v Blackburn 47/8, Plymouth v Bury 47/8, Shef Utd v Preston 47/8, Fulham v Crystal Palace 44/5, v Aston Villa 45/6 and v Millwall 45/6. Minor faults to some. Fair-generally good£80.00
14 LEEDS A collection of 20 Leeds United home programmes from the 1960's - 6 x 1960/61, 3 x 1961/62, 1 x 1962x 63, 6 x 1963/64, 1 x 1964/65, 2 x 1966/67 (both Reserves), 1x 1968/69 (Reserves) and an away programme at Aston Villa (Reserves) 1963/64 (fair). As described otherwise generally good £85.00
15 YORK A collection of 11 York City home programmes 1x 1950/51, 2 x 1954/55, 2 x 1955/56, 3 x 1956/57 (one with detached front cover), 2 x 1957/58, 1 x 1958/59. As described otherwise generally good £65.00
16 WOLVES A collection of 6 Wolverhampton Wanderers home programmes from the 1946/47 season v Sheffield United, Sunderland, Preston, Stoke, Chelsea and Blackburn. Light folds otherwise generally good £90.00
17 WOLVES A collection of 6 Wolverhampton Wanderers home programmes from the 1945/46 season v Millwall, Leicester City, Luton Town, Nottingham Forest, Newport County and West Bromwich Albion. Light folds with some scores otherwise generally good £90.00
18 WOLVES A collection of 6 Wolverhampton Wanderers home programmes from the 1945/46 season v Portsmouth, Southampton, Fulham, Swansea Town, Tottenham, and Birmingham City. Light folds with some scores/team changes otherwise generally good £90.00
19 WOLVES A collection of 28 Wolverhampton Wanderers home programmes from 1949/50 to 1959/60 to include v Middlesbrough 1949/50, Burnley 1954/55 and many of the European friendly and competitive matches including v San Lorenzo 1955/56, Red Banner 1956/57, v Schalke, Red Star Belgrade, Barcelona and Vorwaerts. Fair to generally good £38.00
20 TORQUAY/EXETER Single sheet programme Torquay United Reserves v Exeter City Reserves friendly match 9th March 1946. Good £50.00
21 SHREWSBURY/VILLA 4 Page programme Shrewsbury Town v Aston Villa Charity match in aid of the Shrewsbury Hospitals 11th May 1946. Folds with some slight ageing otherwise fair to generally good £45.00
22 ENGLAND/SCOTLAND SCHOOLS Programme England v Scotland at Villa Park May 13th 1936. Len Shackleton latterly of Sunderland and Billy Liddell latterly of Liverpool played for England and Scotland respectively. Generally good £40.00
23 KINGSTONIAN 4 Kingstonian home programmes v Leytonstone 1946/47, Dulwich Hamlet 1947/48,1947/48 (Surrey Senior Cup) and 1949/50. Fair to generally good £35.00
24 NEWPORT A collection of 17 Newport County home programmes 1953/54 to 1958/59 include v Aldershot, All Star X1 (ph) 1953/54 , Bournemouth, Coventry City , Bristol City, Gillingham, QPR 1954/55, Brighton 1955/56, 1956/57 and Spandau (Fr) 1957/58.As described and fair to generally good £55.00
25 HEARTS A collection of 22 Heart of Midlothian home programmes 1958/59 to 1998/99 either against European opposition in Competitive matches or friendlies largely against English opposition to include v Standard Liege (EC) 1958/59, Benfica (EC) 1960/61, Inter Milan (ICFC) 1961/62, Valerengen (ICFC) 1965/66 and friendlies v Stoke 1964/65 (Matthews played),Tottenham 1971/72, Chelsea 1980/81. Fair to generally good £45.00
26 PORT VALE A collection of 18 Port Vale home programmes from 1952/53 to 1959/60 to include v Grimsby 1952/53, Crewe, Southport 1953/54, Stoke City (with late season match insert) 1954/55.Some very minor faults otherwise generally good £70.00
27 PLYMOUTH A collection of 20 Plymouth Argyle home programmes 1953/54 to 1957/58 to include v Nottingham Forest(FAC), Hull 1953/54, Middlesbrough, Doncaster Rovers, Luton, Bristol Rovers 1954/55. Minor faults otherwise fair to generally good £50.00
28 WREXHAM A collection of 18 Wrexham home programmes 1950/51 to 1958/59 to include v Chester 1950/51,Crewe 1954/55,Chester, Carlisle 1955/56. Some minor faults otherwise fair to generally good . Fair-generally good£45.00
29 1937 AMATEUR CUP FINAL Official programme 1937 Amateur Cup Final at West Ham, Dulwich Hamlet v Leyton, 3/4/1937, folds , slight wear and some marks on inside pages, no writing, described as Fair but could be Fair-generally good in our opinion. Dulwich won the game 2-0. Fair£0.00
30 WREXHAM - CHESTER 42/3 Wrexham single sheet programme v Chester, 1942-3, Wrexham won 3-1, score, changes noted. Generally good£51.00
31 WREXHAM - CHESTER 43/4 Wrexham single sheet home programme v Chester, 43/4 (April), fold, changes noted. Generally good£0.00
32 WREXHAM - LIVERPOOL 43/4 Wrexham single sheet home programme v Liverpool, 18/9/43, minor folds, no writing. Generally good£60.00
33 WREXHAM - CREWE 44/5 Single sheet Wrexham home programme v Crewe, 44/5, neat changes. Generally good£28.00
34 WREXHAM - BLACKPOOL 44/5 Single sheet Wrexham home programme v Blackpool, 31/3/45, team changes, crease. Generally good£35.00
35 WREXHAM - TRANMERE 44/5 Single sheet Wrexham home programme v Tranmere, 3/3/45, team changes. Generally good£0.00
36 WREXHAM - CREWE 45/6 Wrexham home programme v Crewe 24/11/45, slight folds. Generally good£35.00
37 WREXHAM - BLACKPOOL 45/6: Wrexham home programme v Blackpool, single sheet, 5/1/46, team changes, fold. Generally good£45.00
38 WREXHAM 46/7 Three Wrexham home programmes, 46/7 v Darlington, Crewe ( tears on back cover, folds), and v Stockport (team changes). Fair-generally good£35.00
39 WREXHAM 47/8 Four Wrexham home programmes, 47/8, v Southport, Chester, Carlisle and Mansfield, four page issues, minor faults. Generally good£70.00
40 QPR- THE ARSENAL 1925 Full size programme, QPR Reserves v The Arsenal Reserves, 12/9/1925, twelve pages, pencil h-t scores. Generally good£180.00
41 MANCHESTER UNITED - ARSENAL 1936 Manchester United home programme v Arsenal, , 3/10/1936 in generally good condition apart from the back cover which has had a professional repair to the bottom left corner, plain paper replacing the paper which has been lost. The replacement is approximately 20% of the back cover ( and of course the inside back page). The remainder of the programme is intact and in generally good condition with rusting staples removed. As described£0.00
42 ARSENAL - LIVERPOOL 1931 Arsenal home programme v Liverpool, 28/11/1931, creased, no writing, slightly rusty staples. Fair-generally good£40.00
43 CELTIC - AYR 1938 Glasgow Celtic home programme v Ayr United, 5/11/1938, pencil h-t scores, slight folds and very minor marks. Generally good£0.00
44 BERLIN - MANCHESTER UNITED 1957 Programme, Berlin XI v Manchester United, 14/8/57, held at the Olympic Stadium Berlin and played to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Berlin Football Association. The cover has an action picture of Tommy Taylor heading the ball. Twelve page issue, slight folds, no writing. Generally good£0.00
45 EINTRACHT - MAN UTD 63 Eintracht Frankfurt home programme v Manchester United, 13/8/63, friendly, green cover, no writing. Good£45.00
46 MAN UTD - DUNCAN 53 Manchester United home programme v Cardiff City, 4/4/53, this match marked the United first team debut of Duncan Edwards who came in as a late replacement. Team changes not entered but the word "Lost" is written on the cover. Generally good£50.00
47 MANCHESTER UNITED Five Manchester United away programmes, all friendlies, at Dunstable 5/8/74 with George Best appearing for Dunstable, Youth game at Home Farm 26/10/59 (score on cover), Clement Testimonial at QPR 5/5/78, Sadler Testimonial at Preston 11/4/78 and 75th Anniversary match at Portsmouth, 4/12/72. Minor faults. Generally good£35.00
48 HEADINGTON UNITED Three Headington United home programmes plus FA Cup away programme at Millwall 12/12/53. Home programmes are 56/7 v All-Star XI, 57/8 v Hereford Utd and v Merthyr Tydfil. No writing. Generally good£20.00
49 HEARTS - PARTICK 48 Hearts home programme v Partick Thistle, 6/11/48, slight mark at bottom edge. Generally good£30.00
50 HEARTS - FALKIRK 49 Hearts home programme v Falkirk, 12/11/49. Good£0.00
51 BOURNEMOUTH - BRIGHTON 46 Bournemouth single sheet home programme, Boscombe v Brighton, 19/4/46, very slight creasing. Generally good£30.00
52 BOURNEMOUTH - BRISTOL CITY 46/7 Bournemouth home programme v Bristol City, 15/2/47, slight fold. Fair£20.00
53 BOURNEMOUTH 50s Five Bournemouth home programmes, 1950s, v Watford and v Bristol Rovers 50/51, v Plymouth 51/2, v West Brom 54/5 Cup (slight wear to cover) and v Tottenham 56/7 Cup. Minor faults. Fair-generally good£30.00
54 CRICKET AUTOGRAPHS 1930'S Two autograph books including Patsy Hendren - Middlesex, Northamptonshire 1932-4 X 7, Yorkshire 1932-4 X 12 including Herbet Sutcliffe, Hedley Verity and Bill Bowes, Surrey 1932-4 X 6, Sussex 1932-4 X 10, Harold Larwood - Nottinghamshire, English test Players X 16 including Larwood, Verity, Leyland, Ames, Sutcliffe and Voce, Somerset 1932 X 11, West Indies 1933 X 11 including Grant, Martindale, Achong, Constantine, Roach, Martin, Sealey, Da Costa, Headley, Christiani and Griffith and a separate white sheet signed by 17 members of the Australian Touring squad of 1934 including players Woodfull, Bradman, Ponsford, Kippax, McCabe, Oldfield, Grimmett, Wall, Brown, Chipperfield, O'Reilly, Darling, Barnett, Bromley, Ebeling, Fleetwood-Smith . Good£400.00
55 WORLD CUP WILLIE Drawing on paper of World Cup Willie measuring circa 9" x 12" hand coloured and signed by the original creator of World Cup Willie, children's book artist Reg Hoye. Believed to be an original by the artist, it was located in Marlow , the town where the artist lived. Two horizontal folds. Generally good£300.00
56 MAC CARTOON Mac Cartoon , signed with best wishes from Mac featuring football in Afghanistan with the Afghans suggesting exchanging Bin Laden for Beckham. Measures circa 21" x 15". Generally good£0.00
57 WORKINGTON V HALIFAX 1951/52 Workington Town v Halifax Town 1/1/1952. Division 3 North fixture. Rare official programme from Workington's first Football League season. Generally good£80.00
58 1908 URUGUAY v GREAT BRITAIN (British Military Select X1) played 15 December 1908 at Parque Central Estadio (Home of Albion Football Club) in Montevideo, Uruguay. Very rare 4-page official programme, two match tickets and sew on patch badge worn on the shirts of the British team. The Uruguay team was made up of previous full internationals selected from the top sides in Uruguay at the time including River Plate, Nacional, Albion & Wanderers. At the time Uruguay had only ever faced Argentina in six previous full international matches so a strong side was selected. The British team was made up of players from HMS Good Hope, HMS Antrim & HMS Devonshire. HMS Good Hope was sunk by the Germans during WW1 on 1 November 1914 off the coast of Chile during the battle of Coronel with all 919 servicemen aboard lost. Fold, slight marks. Generally good£360.00
59 1934 FIFA WORLD CUP FINAL Italy v Czechoslovakia played 10 June 1934 in Rome. Rare ''COSMOS'' Italian edition, 32-pages, published in Milan, June 1934. This issue celebrates Italy winning the FIFA World Cup and includes many pictures, extensive reports and coverage of the Final on every page. Score on cover. Generally good£0.00
60 CHELSEA 1937 Racing Club de Paris v Chelsea Friendly played 9 February 1937 at the Parc des Princes, Paris. Two daily Paris newspapers ''Le Petit Parisien'' dated 9 and 10 February 1937. 9 February issue previews the match and includes team line-ups. The 10 February issue reviews the match and includes photo to the front cover and reports inside. Generally good£0.00
61 1937 L'EXPOSITION-INTERNATIONALE Football Tournament Olympique Marseille v Chelsea played 30 May in Antibes. Issue of the weekly French sports magazine published in Paris ''Le Miroir des Sports'' dated 1 June 1937. Includes extensive coverage of the match with pictures, reports and full team line-ups and coverage of the other three 1/4 Final matches at the tournament. Generally good£0.00
62 1937 L'EXPOSITION-INTERNATIONALE Football Tournament Semi Final & Final. Austria Wien v Chelsea played 3 June in Paris & Final Bologna v Chelsea played 6 June in Paris. Issue of the weekly French sports magazine published in Paris ''Le Miroir des Sports'' dated 8 June 1937. Includes full coverage of both Semi Final matches and also the Final with many pictures, reports and full team line-ups for each match. Generally good£0.00
63 1938 FRANCE V ENGLAND Friendly played 25 May 1938 at Parce des Princes, Paris. Very rare French FA 12-page newspaper style issue dated the day of the match 25 May 1938. Published by Organe Officiel De La Federation Francaise De Football Association. Includes large central page team line-ups and history of encounters between the two nations. The front cover welcome's England to France and is titled ''FOOTBALL - Cordiale Bienvenue aux Souveains d'Angleterre'' France played England as a warm up fixture for the 1938 FIFA World Cup which they hosted and began the following week in early June. This issue also has various 1938 World Cup tournament articles and previews. The French FA used this paper to announce their news bulletins including French International matches during this period. Generally good£250.00
64 1954 WORLD CUP Official 36-Page FIFA Tournament Brochure for the Finals held in Switzerland 16 June to 4 July 1954. Published in Zurich, German language edition. Includes history of the previous FIFA World Cups 1930-1950, World Cup qualification details, group fixture tables, introductions to the 16 participating nations, host venue and stadium details etc. Generally good£360.00
65 1957 EUROPEAN CUP Semi Final Real Madrid v Manchester United played 11 April 1957 at the Bernabeu, Madrid. Real Madrid official monthly club revista dated April 1957. Includes match previews and Manchester United team-group poster with team line-up to the central pages. Generally good£0.00
66 1958 EUROPEAN CUP Red Star Belgrade v Manchester United played 5 February 1958 in Belgrade. Issue of 'L'Equipe' French daily football newspaper dated 5 February 1958. Includes previews for the match with full team line-ups inside and also has front page coverage. Generally good£50.00
67 1958 EUROPEAN CUP Red Star Belgrade v Manchester United played 5 February 1958 in Belgrade. Issue of 'L'Equipe' French daily football newspaper dated 6 February 1958. Includes reviews for the match and lists full team line-ups inside and also has front page coverage. Generally good£55.00
68 1958 EUROPEAN CUP Semi Final AC Milan v Manchester United played 14 May 1958 at the San Siro, Milan. Rare issue of the Milan daily sports paper ''La Gazzetta dello Sport'' dated 15 May 1958. Includes match reports, front cover full team line-ups and further coverage inside. No programme was produced for this match. Generally good£90.00
69 1959 UNITED STATES v ENGLAND Friendly played 28 May 1959 at Wrigley Field, Los Angeles, California. Rare 16-page official programme. England won the match 8-1. Fold, marks to cover. Generally good£470.00
70 1961 FAIRS CUP Hearts v Inter Milan (1st Leg) played 6 November 1961 at Tynecastle Park, Edinburgh. Issue of the Milan daily football newspaper ''La Gazzetta dello Sport'' dated 7 November 1961. Includes reports and full team line-ups with main headline front page coverage. This issue also previews the Football League X1 v Italian League X1 friendly played at Old Trafford, Manchester. Generally good£110.00
71 1961 FAIRS CUP Inter Milan v Hearts (2nd Leg) played 22 November 1961 at the Stadio Giuseppe Meazza, Milan. Issue of the Milan daily football newspaper ''La Gazzetta dello Sport'' dated 23 November 1961. Includes reports, pictures and full team line-ups with main headline front page coverage. Generally good£130.00
72 1966 FAIRS CUP AC Milan v Chelsea played 9 February 1966 at the San Siro, Milan. Rare evening edition issue of the Milan football newspaper ''La Notte'' dated 9 February 1966. Includes full coverage of the match with full team line-ups inside and front page main headline coverage ''Coppe Delle Fiere: Milan-Chelsea''. Generally good£0.00
73 1968 UEFA EURO Semi Final Yugoslavia v England / Italy v Soviet Union (USSR) played 5 June 1968 in Florence & Naples, Italy. Issue of ''La Gazzetta Dello Sport'' dated 5 June 1968 which previews both games. Includes large format programme style team line-ups in pitch diagram format to the front cover for both matches and further previews inside. Generally good£0.00
74 1968 UEFA EURO FINAL Italy v Yugoslavia / 3/4 PLACE PLAY-OFF Soviet Union (USSR) v England played 8 June 1968 as a double header at the Stadio Olimpico, Rome. Issue of ''La Gazzetta dello Sport'' dated 8 June 1968 which previews both games.  Includes large format programme style team line-ups in pitch diagram format to the front cover for both matches and further previews inside. Generally good£0.00
75 1969 BRAZIL v ENGLAND Played 12 June 1969 at the Maracana, Rio de Janeiro in front of 135,000 spectators. Very scarce 4-page card issue produced by the CDB Brazilian FA (Confederacao Brasileira de Desportes) which has been fully hand signed inside by the 23 England squad and delegation with a hand written heading ''England, World Champions South American Tour 1969''. Signatures include Bobby Moore, Gordon Banks, Bobby Charlton, Colin Bell, Tommy Wright, Martin Peters, Alf Ramsey & Geoff Hurst. Slight marks, small crease. Generally good £600.00
76 1970 FIFA WORLD CUP MEXICO Official 128-Page Mexican yellow edition tournament brochure / programme. Good£0.00
77 1970 EUROPEAN CUP FINAL Feyenoord v Glasgow Celtic played 6 May 1970 at the San Siro, Milan. Scarce Sportclub Feyenoord ''De Feijenoorder Clubblad'' official club edition titled ''Cupnummer van de Europese Kampion'' European Cup Final special edition published in June 1970 with green covers, 68-pages and includes extensive Final coverage with full team line-ups. No official programme was produced for the Final. Good£150.00
78 ISRAEL V WALES 1958 Programme for the International match 15/1/1958 in Jerusalem. Very slightly creased and a slight mark inside the cover. Generally good£150.00
79 AYLESBURY-HEADINGTON CUP 46 Scarce programme before Headington United turned professional, Aylesbury United v Headington United, 5/10/46, FA Cup 1st Qualifying Round. This programme was sold at one of our previous auctions for £2,200 hammer price as at the time Headington United were members of the Oxon Senior League, indeed this was their last season in this League before spending two seasons in the Spartan League and then joining the Southern League before becoming Oxford United and being elected to the Football League. The programme is a four page issue where Aylesbury seem to have been confident of victory judging from the programme notes but Headington won 3-2 before being knocked out by Uxbridge.. The programme has no writing , very slight creasing and is in generally good condition. Generally good£1,300.00
80 THAMES - CRYSTAL PALACE 1930 Thames home programme v Crystal Palace, 22/11/1930, Division 3 South. Palace won the game 2-0. Thames had a short-lived career in the Football League, joining it in 1930-31 replacing Merthyr and leaving it at the end of 1931-32. They finished 20th out of 22 in 30/31 and bottom in 1931/32 when they were replaced by Aldershot. Thames Association FC were based very close to West Ham United and consequently attendances were always very low and financial problems were always present for the club. The Club played at West Ham Stadium, Custom House, E 16 and the programme has an advert offering shares in the Club for sale to the public. Four page issue, team changes, fold. Generally good£850.00
81 LIVERPOOL - MAN UTD 1931 Liverpool home programme v Manchester United, 25/4/1931, Lancashire Senior Cup Final at Anfield, also covers Lancashire Boys v Yorkshire Boys, ex bound volume. Generally good£1,100.00
82 HAMBURG - MAN UTD 64 Scarce Lipphardt's edition programme, Hamburg v Manchester United, 12/8/64,slight folds. Generally good£1,000.00
83 WATERFORD - MAN UTD 68 Very scarce pirate programme, Waterford v Manchester United, 18/9/68, European Cup, four page pirate programme with adverts for the "Welcome Inn" , Parnell House and Clifford's Fireplaces. A similar copy sold for £520 at a recent previous auction of Sportingold. Good£0.00
84 1957 FA CUP FINAL - MAN UTD Manchester United Celebration Dinner and Dance Menu for the post Cup Final banquet held at The Savoy Hotel, 4/5/57, complete with red and white cord. Generally good£400.00
85 MAN UTD -SPORTING 64 Manchester United post match Dinner Menu for the game v Sporting Club de Portugal, 26/2/64 at the Midland Hotel, Manchester, Best and Eusebio both played in this Cup-Winners Cup game. Good£365.00
86 MANCHESTER UNITED Two rare pre-Munich (mid 50s) original round plastic badges which were the fore-runners of the star badges which are very popular among collectors. These two badges are even more scarce then the star badges and the players featured are Duncan Edwards and Tommy Taylor who both sadly passed away at Munich. The badges are circular with a metal pin clasp on the reverse with a head and shoulders portrait of the player on the front inside a circular surround detailed Manchester United Football Club in red and white. Good£0.00
87 1958 CUP FINAL Scarce souvenir handkerchief for the 1958 Cup Final, Bolton v Manchester United with match details printed upon it, the Twin Towers and caricatures of the Bolton team with "Souvenir Sportachief" printed beneath the caricatures. Good£0.00
88 NEWCASTLE- PORT VALE 1936 Newcastle home programme v Port Vale, 5/2/1936.slight fold. Generally good£140.00
89 NEWCASTLE - CARDIFF 1939 Newcastle home programme v Cardiff, 25/1/1939, Cup replay, midweek game. Slight folds, no writing. Generally good£0.00
90 NEWCASTLE - COVENTRY 1939 Newcastle home programme v Coventry, 4/2/1939, fold, small tape over staple. Fair-generally good£0.00
91 FA CUP FINAL 1923 Programme for the first Cup Final at Wembley West Ham v Bolton 28th April 1923. Horizontal fold. Tape on reverse. Name at top right on front cover. No writing elsewhere. As described. Fair to generally good£0.00
92 FA CUP FINAL 1923 4 Page Pirate Programme for the first Cup Final at Wembley West Ham v Bolton 28th April 1923. Folds. No writing. Fair to generally good£0.00
93 FA CUP FINAL 1923 4 Page Pirate Programme printed by Keene's One Night Cures for the first Cup Final at Wembley West Ham v Bolton 28th April 1923. Folds. No writing. Fair to generally good£0.00
94 FA CUP FINAL 1923 Ticket for the first Cup Final at Wembley West Ham v Bolton 28th April 1923. Tickets were only issued for seats so far scarcer than other Wembley Finals. Good£400.00
95 FA CUP FINAL 1924 Ticket Cup Final Newcastle v Aston Villa at Wembley 26th April 1924. Some light creasing. Generally good£220.00
96 FA CUP FINAL 1925 Ticket Cup Final Sheffield United v Cardiff City at Wembley 25th April 1925. Vertical fold. Generally good£130.00
97 FA CUP FINAL 1926 Ticket Cup Final Manchester City v Bolton Wanderers at Wembley 24th April 1926. Some ageing. Fair to generally good£120.00
98 FA CUP FINAL 1926 Programme Cup Final Manchester City v Bolton Wanderers at Wembley 24th April 1926. No writing. Fair to generally good£550.00
99 FA CUP FINAL 1927 Programme Cup Final Cardiff City v Arsenal at Wembley 23rd April 1927. Replica back cover. Light rusting of the staples. No writing. As described. Fair to generally good£260.00
100 FA CUP FINAL 1927 Ticket Cup Final Cardiff City v Arsenal at Wembley 23rd April 1927. Good£200.00


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