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Sale Day: 13/07/2018

Sale results will be uploaded periodically throughout the sale (Internet connection and workload permitting). 

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Please note that there are 100 Lots per page

LotLateDescriptionSale Price
1 WATFORD - READING 1933 Watford home programme v Reading, 25/11/1933, FA Cup, ex bound volume, small tear to corner of back cover. Generally good£35.00
2 WATFORD - TORQUAY 1935 Watford home programme v Torquay, 14/9/1935, ex bound volume. Good£25.00
3 WATFORD - CARDIFF 1936 Watford home programme v Cardiff City, 24/10/1936, ex bound volume. Good£90.00
4 WATFORD - LUTON 1936-37 Watford home programme v Luton, 20/2/1937, special souvenir official programme, both teams were battling for promotion, slight creasing. Generally good£90.00
5 WATFORD - CRYSTAL PALACE 1937-38 Watford home programme v Crystal Palace, 7/5/1938, slight fold. Generally good£75.00
6 LUTON - WATFORD 1936 Luton home programme v Watford, 29/2/1936, slight fold, minor staple rusting. Fair- generally good£165.00
7 WATFORD - CHARLTON 45 Watford single sheet programme v Charlton, 24/2/45, fold, team change. Fair-generally good£30.00
8 WATFORD - CHELSEA 45 Watford single sheet programme v Chelsea, 3/3/45, score, scorers noted. Generally good£0.00
9 WATFORD - ARSENAL 45 Watford single sheet programme v Arsenal, 21/4/45, fold, pencil changes, small piece off top corner. Fair-generally good£0.00
10 WATFORD - CARDIFF 46 Watford single sheet programme v Cardiff, 12/1/46, Third Division Cup North, slight fold, pencil score (Cardiff won 7-1). Good£80.00
11 NORTHAMPTON - WATFORD 45 Northampton single sheet home programme v Watford, 2/4/45, slight fold, score noted. Generally good£50.00
12 CRYSTAL PALACE - WATFORD 44 Crystal Palace home programme v Watford, 9/12/44, slight fold. Good£0.00
13 NOTTM FOREST - WATFORD 46 Nottingham Forest home programme v Watford 5/1/46, FA Cup, score noted (1-1) and h-t scoreboard completed, fold. Fair-generally good£20.00
14 ORIENT - WATFORD 46 Orient home programme v Watford, 2/2/46, slight fold. Good£20.00
15 CARDIFF - WATFORD 46 Cardiff home programme v Watford, 19/1/46, Third Division South Cup, fold, slight creasing. Fair-generally good£55.00
16 NUNEATON - WATFORD 53 Nuneaton home programme v Watford 53/4 FA Cup, slight piece off edge, staple removed. Generally good£25.00
17 CORBY - WATFORD 54 Corby Town home programme v Watford, 20/11/54, FA Cup, slight fold. Generally good£28.00
18 WATFORD - ARSENAL RES Two Watford reserves home programmes v Arsenal Res, 27/10/51 and 17/12/55, Football Combination, score, changes noted. Generally good£25.00
19 NEWPORT COUNTY - WATFORD Three Newport County home programmes, all v Watford, 2/9/48, 19/11/49, and 14/9/50, all have pencil tip holes. Fair-generally good£38.00
20 ARSENAL - WATFORD Single sheet Arsenal home programme for Youth Cup tie v Watford, 3/3/65 at Highbury, fold, slight tears to edge. Fair-generally good£10.00
21 WEST HAM 50-51 Eleven West Ham home League programmes, 50-51, v Hull, Luton, Brentford, Southampton, Shef Utd, QPR, Leicester, Coventry, Preston, Grimsby and Doncaster. Most have score, scores noted, some faults but not too serious. Fair-generally good£95.00
22 WEST HAM 50-51 Ten West Ham home League programmes, 50-51, v Leeds, Blackburn (tape marks), Barnsley, Swansea, Bury, Chesterfield, Manchester City, Notts County, Birmingham and Cardiff. Some scores etc noted, minor faults. Fair-generally good£95.00
23 WEST HAM 51-2 Eleven West Ham home League programmes, 51-52, v Bury, Blackburn, Swansea, Barnsley, Leeds, Coventry, Cardiff, Leicester, Brentford, Everton and Sheffield Wed. Most are generally good, some minor faults. Fair-generally good£90.00
24 WEST HAM 51-2 Ten West Ham home programmes, 51-52, all League , v QPR, Luton, Hull, Shef Utd, Rotherham, Birmingham, Nottm Forest (worn), Doncaster, Notts County and Southampton. Some minor faults. Fair-generally good£80.00
25 WEST HAM 52-3 Eleven West Ham home programmes, 52-3, all League, v Southampton, Hull, Birmingham, Leicester, Leeds (worn), Rotherham, Nottm Forest, Brentford, Swansea, Shef Utd and Lincoln. Minor faults. Fair-generally good£75.00
26 WEST HAM 52-3 Ten West Ham home programmes, 52-3, all League, v Notts County, Bury, Luton, Plymouth, Blackburn, Everton, Doncaster, Fulham, Huddersfield and Barnsley ( minor tape marks). Some faults. Fair-generally good£70.00
27 WEST HAM 53-4 Eleven West Ham home programmes, 53-4, all League, v Lincoln, Leicester, Rotherham, Fulham, Swansea, Birmingham, Brentford, Blackburn, Bury, Everton and Notts County. Some minor faults. Fair-generally good£75.00
28 WEST HAM 53-4 Eleven West Ham 53-4 League programmes, v Luton, Stoke (abandoned), Stoke (re-arranged date), Bristol Rovers, Leeds, Nottingham Forest, Derby, Doncaster, Hull, Plymouth, Oldham. Generally good£85.00
29 WEST HAM 54-5 Set of 21 West Ham home League programmes, 54/5, includes games v Liverpool, Leeds ( small piece off side edge), Ipswich etc. Some faults. Fair-generally good£150.00
30 WEST HAM 55-6 A set of 21 West Ham home programmes, all League, 55/6, includes games v Bury, Leeds, Liverpool, Blackburn etc, some faults. Fair-generally good£130.00
31 WEST HAM 56-7 Set of 21 home West Ham League programmes, 56-7, includes v Nottm Forest (25/12/56), Liverpool, Leicester and Blackburn, some faults. Fair-generally good£110.00
32 WEST HAM 57-8 Set of 21 West Ham home programmes, 57-8, all League, West Ham promotion season, includes v Liverpool, Blackburn and Ipswich (25/12/57). Some faults. Fair-generally good£80.00
33 WEST HAM 58-9 Set of 21 West Ham home League programmes, 58/9, includes v Manchester United (Bobby Moore debut) and v Tottenham (25/12/58). Some folds, staples rusting etc. Fair-generally good£45.00
34 WEST HAM 59-60 Set of 25 home West Ham programmes, 59/60 includes 21 x League, 1 x Cup, Practice match 15/8/59, friendly v Fluminense and Southern Floodlight Cup v Millwall. All in official West Ham programme holder. Some folds, creases , minor faults etc. Fair-generally good£66.00
35 WEST HAM 60/61 and 61/62 Set of West Ham 23 home programmes, 60/61, 21 x League, 1 x Cup and 1 x League Cup , first in the competition v Charlton 26/9/60 plus 61/2 Set of 23 home West Ham programmes, 21 x League and 2 x League Cup. All 46 programmes are contained in an official West Ham programme holder. Also included are a couple of letters on West Ham notepaper to a supporter. Some faults, folds, creases etc. Fair £70.00
36 BROMLEY - HAYES 1933 Bromley home programme v Hayes, 9/9/1933, Athenian League, score neatly typed in, slight fold. Generally good£35.00
37 CAMBRIDGE - WATFORD O.B. 1925 Cambridge Town home programme v Watford Old Boys, 26/12/1925, small format four page programme, pencil score, changes noted. Generally good£55.00
38 CHESHAM UTD - SUTTON COURT 1926 Chesham United home programme v Sutton Court, 27/12/1926, Spartan League, minor fold. Good£25.00
39 EASTBOURNE- BANK OF ENGLAND 1927 Eastbourne home programme v Bank of England, 29/10/1927, Southern Amateur League, fold. Good£45.00
40 PINNER - HERTFORD 1936 Pinner home programme v Hertford 1/2/1936 , slight folds. Generally good£40.00
41 WORKSOP - FRICKLEY 1937 Worksop Town home programme v Frickley Colliery, 16/10/1937, FA Cup, fold, score noted. Generally good£45.00
42 BISHOP AUCKLAND - YORK CITY 1950 Bishop Auckland home programme v York City, 25/11/50, FA Cup 1st Round, minor folds, score noted (2-2 draw). York won the replay 2-1. Generally good£120.00
43 BROMLEY - WATFORD 1949 Bromley home programme v Watford, 26/11/49, FA Cup 1st Round, slight creasing. Generally good£100.00
44 CHELMSFORD - MANSFIELD 1950 Chelmsford home programme v Mansfield, 9/12/50, Cup 2nd Round, score noted on cover, slight fold. Generally good£30.00
45 GLOUCESTER - NORWICH 1949 Gloucester City v Norwich City, 26/11/49, FA Cup 1st Round, Norwich won 3-2. Some staples rusting and small rust mark but otherwise good. Generally good£100.00
46 HEREFORD UTD - NEWPORT 50 Hereford United home programme v Newport County, 9/12/50, Cup 2nd Round, Newport won 3-0, rusty staples removed, slight creasing, minor rust marks. Fair-generally good£35.00
47 LLANELLY - BRISTOL ROVERS 50 Llanelly home programme v Bristol Rovers, 28/11/50, Cup 1st Round replay. This game was also a draw and Rovers went through after extra time in the third game. Slight fold. Good£120.00
48 TOOTING - BRIGHTON 1950 Tooting and Mitcham home programme v Brighton, 25/11/50, Cup 1st Round, Brighton won 3-2, slight fold, minor mark. Generally good£0.00
49 WEYMOUTH - ALDERSHOT 49 Weymouth home programme v Aldershot, 26/11/49, Cup 1st Round, pencil score, scorers show that it ended 2-2. Weymouth won the replay and were eventually knocked out by Manchester United at Old Trafford in Round 3. Slight fold. Generally good£55.00
50 AMATEUR CUP Collection of 80 Amateur Cup programmes, 7 x 1950s, 56 x 1960s and 17 x 1970s. Includes Enfield v Didcot and v Hounslow 59/60, Hendon v Dulwich 57/8, Hounslow v Bromley 54/5, Tooting v Corinthian Casuals 59/60, 6 x Wycombe Wanderers programmes and Wimbledon v Whitley Bay 60/61. Programmes from 46 clubs, almost all Southern clubs. Generally good£290.00
51 1924 FA CUP FINAL Official programme for the 1924 FA Cup Final, Newcastle v Aston Villa. The programme has certainly seen better days as the back cover is missing and the front cover is present but is attached with tape along spine. One inside page, page 6, also has tape along the spine. All 24 inside pages are present and there is no writing, a few marks are noted but these are not too serious and it is possible that a replacement cover could be obtained by prospective purchasers. As described.£500.00
52 1925 CUP FINAL Official programme, 1925 Cup Final, Cardiff v Sheffield United, replacement covers, remainder is original but has been cleaned. As described£0.00
53 1928 CUP FINAL Official programme, 1928 Cup Final, Blackburn v Huddersfield, staples removed, no writing, slight marks (not significant). Fair-generally good £220.00
54 1929 CUP FINAL Official programme, 1929 Cup Final, Bolton v Portsmouth, pencil score, scorers, slight (insignificant) marks. Generally good£300.00
55 1931 CUP FINAL Official programme, 1931 Cup Final, Birmingham v West Brom, facsimile back cover, small punch-holes repaired. Fair£80.00
56 1934 CUP FINAL Official programme, 1934 Cup Final, Manchester City v Portsmouth, tippex repair to frontispiece, minor staple rusting. Fair£120.00
57 1935 CUP FINAL Official programme, 1935 Cup Final, Sheffield Wednesday v West Brom, vertical fold on Silver cover which commemorated the Silver Jubilee of the Royal Family. Generally good£160.00
58 1936 CUP FINAL Official programme, 1936 Cup Final, Arsenal v Sheffield United, slight holes to rusty staple area, staples removed. Fair-generally good£0.00
59 1939 CUP FINAL Official programme, 1939 Cup Final, Portsmouth v Wolves, slight creasing, minor staple rusting. Generally good£0.00
60 WAR CUP FINAL NORTH 1945 Single sheet official programme, Manchester United v Bolton, 26/5/45 , War Cup Final North , second leg played at Maine Road, Manchester City, temporary home of United. The game ended 2-2 and Bolton won 3-2 on aggregate. Score, changes noted with some team names underlined on fixture page. Fair£90.00
61 SPURS IN MALTA 1970 Soccer Magazine programme, Valletta FC v Tottenham, 13/5/70 at Gzira, Malta. Good£40.00
62 SLIEMA - SPURS 1970 Soccer Magazine programme, Sliema Wanderers v Tottenham, 16/5/70 at Gzira, Malta. Good£45.00
63 MALTA - SPURS 1970 Soccer Magazine programme, Malta F.A. League XI v Tottenham, 17/5/70 at Gzira. Good£50.00
64 SPURS IN MALTA 1970 Two booklets covering the Tottenham tour of Malta in May 1970. Blue Review Souvenir Edition for Tottenham Hotspur Malta tour 1970 and Tottenham Hotspur Visit Malta 12-22 May 1970, Welcome by Spurs Supporters ( scarce 20 page brochure, ageing stain along front cover spine and scuff and slight marks to back cover). Fair-good£75.00
65 CHELSEA IN MALTA 1949 Exceedingly scarce eight page Souvenir programme, Chelsea FC visit to Malta in May 1949, includes Chelsea pen portraits, team group, player pictures, results of previous foreign club tours to Malta including Tottenham in 1929. and a record of matches on the tour. Chelsea played three games, winning all three v Combined Services, Malta FA XI and Sliema/Hamrun scoring 15 goals and conceding 4. Programme is in fair condition as it has folds, punch-holes to bottom edge and minor tears along folds. Fair£160.00
66 PORTSMOUTH IN MALTA 1968 Set of three Soccer Magazine programmes for the three games played by Portsmouth in Malta in May 1968, games are v Hibernians (Malta) 18/5/68, v Sliema Wanderers 19/5/68 and v Floriana 23/5/68, all played at Gzira. Good£0.00
67 DONCASTER - FLORIANA 1951 Festival of Britain match programme, Doncaster Rovers v Floriana, 10/5/51, complete with souvenir cover, score, scorers noted , spine splits and slight ageing. Fair- generally good£0.00
68 FLORIANA - IPSWICH 1962 Scarce European Cup programme, Floriana FC v Ipswich, 18/9/62, Evergreen programme issued by Floriana. Slight fold. Generally good£70.00
69 VALLETTA UTD - TOTTENHAM 1929 Exceedingly scarce Tottenham tour programme, May 1929, Valletta Utd v Tottenham Hotspur. Spurs won 2-1 and played six games on this tour, winning all six. Four page official programme, pink coloured with pictures of Tottenham players on the cover. Folds. Fair-generally good£650.00
70 NAVY - TOTTENHAM IN MALTA 1929 Exceedingly scarce four page Tottenham tour programme for game Navy v Tottenham, May 1929, in Malta. Tottenham won 1-0, the opposition being composed of players from Navy ships based in Malta including Royal Oak, Courageous, Revenge, Frobisher, Barham etc. White/cream coloured programme with pictures of three Spurs players on front cover. Fold. Generally good£440.00
71 FLORIANA - MAN CITY 1971 Scarce programme, Floriana v Manchester City, 15/12/71. Good£50.00
72 SLIEMA - CELTIC 1971 Sliema Wanderers Blue Review official programme for European Cup tie v Celtic, November 1971, small pin-hole and minor cover marks. Generally good£0.00
73 SHREWSBURY IN MALTA 1985 Large format programme, Hibernians (Malta) v Shrewsbury, 26/5/85 at Marsa Stadium, unusual 10am kick off.£0.00
74 NORWICH IN MALTA 1964 Three Soccer Magazine programmes covering the three games played by Norwich City in Malta in May 1964, games v Sliema Wanderers 7/5/64, Combined Services XI (Malta), 9/5/64 and v Valletta 10/5/64. Slight ageing. Generally good£0.00
75 MARSA - WOLVES 1971 Scarce programme Marsa FC v Wolves, 24/2/71 played at Gzira, Malta. Slight staple rusting. Good£420.00
76 FLORIANA - LEYTON ORIENT 1956 Issue of Evergreen dated 16/5/56, Floriana bulletin / programme issued for the visit of Leyton Orient. Orient won 4-2 and the tour was arranged as a thank you to the Orient players who had just won Division 3 South. Good£30.00
77 MALTA - TOTTENHAM 1984 Souvenir programme, Malta FA XI v Tottenham, 15/10/84 at the National Stadium.. Generally good£0.00
78 CHARITY SHIELD 1923 Official programme for the Charity Shield, 8/10/1923, Amateurs v Professionals at Chelsea. Four page issue, probably ex bound volume, played on a Monday afternoon. Professionals included players from Huddersfield, West Ham, Bolton, Chelsea, Liverpool, Shef Wed etc whilst the Amateurs included players from Dulwich Hamlet, Corinthians , Casuals, Wimbledon , Clapton and Bishop Auckland. Scarce issue. Good£0.00
79 OFK BELGRADE - SPURS 63 Scarce programme, OFK Belgrade v Tottenham, 24/4/63, European Cup-Winners Cup, no writing. Generally good£280.00
80 VANCOUVER - LIVERPOOL 1964 Official programme, Vancouver All Stars v Liverpool, 10/6/64 at Empire Stadium, Vancouver, Canada. Scarce programme, no writing, cover has probably been professionally cleaned and is in good condition. Good£0.00
81 ORTEGA FOOTBALL POSTER A very large football poster, 44" X 32" which does not relate to a specific match. One team has blue and white striped shirts, black shorts and black socks with white tops and the other team has red shirts, white shorts and black socks with white tops. Issued by the famous Valencia based printing company Ortega in 1963. No 401 V. 935 - 1963 Good£0.00
82 VALENCIA V ENGLISH SELECT 1929 Poster 13" X 9" issued by Ortega of Valencia for the Friendly at the Mestalla in Valencia 15/4/1929. Very slight ageing marks. Good£40.00
83 1958 WORLD CUP Italian poster 26" X 18" issued by Globe Films International for GOAL! The official film of the 1958 World Cup Tournament, played in Sweden. The poster shows action from 5 matches and the Jules Rimet Trophy in the centre, all in black & white. Pin holes in the corners. Generally good£40.00
84 SCOTTISH LEAGUE CUP 1951 Official programme, Scottish League Cup Semi-Final, Dundee v Motherwell, 13/10/51 at Rangers.. Good£80.00
85 GLASGOW CUP FINAL 1951 Official programme, Glasgow Cup Final 24/9/51, Celtic v Clyde , 24/9/51, at Hampden Park, very slight nick to top of spine otherwise good. Generally good£160.00
86 GLASGOW CUP FINAL 1953 Official programme, Glasgow Cup Final, 28/10/53, Rangers v Third Lanark at Hampden Park. Good£0.00
87 SCOTTISH LEAGUE CUP FINAL 1953 Official programme, 1953 Scottish League Cup Final, East Fife v Partick Thistle, at Hampden Park 24/10/53. Fold, minor creasing, pencil score. Fair-generally good£0.00
88 1940 WAR CUP FINAL Official programme, Football League War Cup Final, Blackburn v West Ham, 8/5/40 at Wembley, score noted on cover, no other writing. Generally good£160.00
89 WAR CUP FINAL 1941 Official programme, 1941 Football League War Cup Final , Arsenal v Preston at Wembley. Condition is fair at best as there is tape along spine and also along folds, creased. Only fair£25.00
90 WAR CUP FINAL 42 - PIRATE Pirate programme for the 1942 London War Cup Final, Brentford v Portsmouth, 30/5/42 at Wembley. Published by Victor, folds, some ageing. Fair£55.00
91 WAR CUP FINAL SOUTH Four page official programme, Arsenal v Charlton, 1/5/43, War Cup Final South at Wembley. Fold, some creasing, no writing. Fair-generally good£55.00
92 1943 CHALLENGE MATCH Single sheet Chelsea programme for Challenge match between the winners of the War Cups North and South, Arsenal v Blackpool, 15/5/43 at Stamford Bridge. Slight folds. Generally good£70.00
93 WAR CUP FINAL 1944 Four page official programme, 1944 Football League South, War Cup Final, Chelsea v Charlton, 15/4/44 at Wembley. Folds. Fair-generally good£40.00
94 1944 CHALLENGE MATCH Single sheet Chelsea programme for Aston Villa v Charlton, 20/5/44 at Stamford Bridge, Challenge match between winners of the War Cups North and South. Generally good£70.00
95 WAR CUP FINAL 1945 Four page official programme, 1945 Football League South War Cup Final, Chelsea v Millwall, 7/4/45 at Wembley. Slight fold. Good£45.00
96 WAR CUP FINAL NORTH 1945 Four page official programme, Bolton v Manchester United, 19/5/45 at Burnden Park, Football League (North) Final, First Leg. Folds team changes, clear tape along inside spine. Fair£140.00
97 1945 CHALLENGE MATCH Single sheet Chelsea programme for Challenge match between Bolton and Chelsea, 2/6/45 at Stamford Bridge. Played between the Winners of the War Cups North and South. Minor folds. Generally good£40.00
98 GRANTHAM - GAINSBOROUGH AT FOREST 1970 Very scarce single sheet programme for Grantham v Gainsborough Trinity FA Cup fourth qualifying round second replay, 10/11/70 at City Ground , Nottingham Forest. Slight folds. Generally good£150.00
99 GRANTHAM Nine Grantham programmes, 7 x homes and away at Boston Utd 3/11/56 Cup. Homes are v Boston Utd 7/3/53 Lincs Senior Cup Semi-Final, 3 x 54/5 v Doncaster Res, Goole and Wisbech, 55/6 v Lincoln Res, 56/7 v Frickley Colliery and Reserves v Stamford Town plus 57/8 v Boston United. Some folds etc. Fair-generally good£0.00
100 IPSWICH TOWN RESERVES Five home single sheet programme for Football Combination matches in season 1979/80 v Fulham, Cardiff City, Crystal Palace and Queen's Park Rangers. Very slightly creased. Generally good£0.00


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