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Sale Day: 29/11/2019

Sale results will be uploaded periodically throughout the sale (Internet connection and workload permitting). 

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Please note that there are 100 Lots per page

LotLateDescriptionSale Price
1 ALDERSHOT - WELLINGTON Aldershot home programme v Wellington, 21/11/53, FA Cup, team changes, slight staple rusting. Generally good£15.00
2 ARSENAL - SPURS 44 Single sheet Arsenal home programme v Tottenham, 9/12/44. Good£28.00
3 ARSENAL - LIVERPOOL 33 Arsenal home programme v Liverpool, 2/12/1933, score noted., slight fold, staples removed. Fair-generally good£50.00
4 ARSENAL 1927 Two Arsenal Reserves home programmes, both without covers, v Fulham 27/8/1927 and v Luton17/12/1927. Score, scorers noted. Fair£0.00
5 ARSENAL - HUDDERSFIELD 1928 Arsenal home programme v Huddersfield, 14/4/1928, score, changes, staple rusting. Fair£80.00
6 ARSENAL Collection of 18 Arsenal home friendlies plus a Tony Adams Testimonial ticket v Celtic 13/5/02. Programmes include v Clyde 55/6, Leyton Orient 56/7, Red Star 56/7, Hapoel 57/8, Grasshoppers 59/60, GB Olympic XI 59/60, Leyton Orient 59/60, Vienna SC 60/61, Ipswich 61/2, Dundee 61/2, Cardiff 66/7, Dunfermline 66/7, Italian Under 21 XI 69/70, Italy Youth XI 72/3,Walley Barnes Memorial 75/6 plus others. Minor faults. Generally good£30.00
7 ARSENAL Ten original Arsenal press photographs, almost all 1980s,1 x 66, mostly match action, one is a wire photo, most have details on reverse. Good£32.00
8 ARSENAL LADIES 2006/07 Arsenal Ladies signed colour team group photo 2006/07. Colour photo with 16 signatures around the borders. Good£15.00
9 ASHFORD Two Ashford Town home FA Cup programmes, v Gillingham 5/11/60 and v Crystal Palace 15/11/58. Generally good£15.00
10 BARNSLEY - F.O.B 51 Barnsley home programme v Haarlem, 19/5/51, Festival of Britain, creased, minor tears, wear, slight tape marks. Fair£15.00
11 BRANN - TOTTENHAM 76 Brann home programme v Tottenham, 5/4/76, friendly. Good£25.00
12 CHELSEA - MILLWALL Two Chelsea Youth Cup matchcards v Millwall, 29/12/69 and 3/1/72, some scores, changes noted. Generally good£22.00
13 CHESTER - BISHOP AUCKLAND 47 Chester home FA Cup programme v Bishop Auckland, 29/11/47, scorers noted. Generally good£38.00
14 CHESTERFIELD - YEOVIL 49-50 Chesterfield home programme v Yeovil, 7/1/50, FA Cup, very slight marks to back cover. Generally good£32.00
15 CLAPTON ORIENT - BIRMINGHAM 1911 Clapton Orient home programme v Birmingham, 18/11/1911, Division 2. Good£260.00
16 FULHAM 62 Single sheet Fulham home programme v Dagenham, 14/11/62, Youth Cup, Rodney Marsh, Earle and Dempsey in the Fulham side. Generally good£15.00
17 LEYTON ORIENT Five Leyton Orient home programmes, 1951-55, four v Non-League teams in the FA Cup, 51/2 v Gorleston, 53/4 v Kettering, Weymouth, 55/6 v Lovells Athletic plus 54/5 v Workington. No writing, slight folds. Generally good£30.00
18 LIVERPOOL - CHESTER 43/4 Liverpool home programme v Chester, 19/2/44, War Cup Qualifier, pencil score, changes, folds. Fair£25.00
19 MAN UTD - WEYMOUTH 49-50 Manchester United home programme v Weymouth, 7/1/50, Cup, score, scorers noted, United won 4-0. Generally good£32.00
20 MAN UTD - BLACKBURN 45-6 Single sheet Manchester United home programme v Blackburn, 9/3/46, fold. Generally good£45.00
21 MIDDLESBROUGH F.O.B 51 Middlesbrough programme produced for Amateur International, England v Norway, 15//5/51, Festival of Britain game at Ayresome Park, Middlesbrough. Eight pages, slight folds. Fair-generally good£50.00
22 MILLWALL - ARSENAL 51 Millwall home programme v Arsenal, 5/5/51, friendly. Neat team changes. Generally good£0.00
23 MILLWALL - MAN UTD 53 Millwall home programme v Manchester United, 5/10/53, friendly arranged as part of the Ray Wood transfer. Score, scorers etc noted, Millwall won 2-1. Generally good£25.00
24 NOTTM FOREST - WEST BROM 43-4 Nottm Forest home programme v West Brom, 11/3/44, minor folds, score noted. Generally good£32.00
25 OLDHAM - MAN CITY 53-4 Oldham home programme v Manchester City, 13/3/54, friendly arranged because both clubs had a blank Saturday, Good£38.00
26 QPR - ARSENAL 53 QPR home programme v Arsenal, 5/10/53, floodlight friendly. Good£45.00
27 QPR 1936 QPR Reserves v Southampton Res matchcard programme, 12/3/1936, London Combination. Good£55.00
28 STEIR -- MAN UTD 71 Large format Steirische Auswahl v Manchester United programme, 28/5/71 in Graz, Austria. Four pages. Good£25.00
29 SWANSEA - LEEDS 53 Scarce Swansea home programme v Leeds, Thursday 27/8/53, score noted on cover, changes etc noted on team lists. Generally good£45.00
30 TOTTENHAM Five home Tottenham programmes, Public Trial 17/8/63, Whites v Blues (changes etc noted), plus friendlies v British Olympic XI 24//2/64, v England Amateur XI 8/3/65, v Racing Club De Paris 29/9/53 and v Bucharest Select 8/12/58. Scores, scorers etc noted. Fair-generally good£20.00
31 WEST HAM - BOLTON 1927 West Ham home programme v Bolton, 10/12/1927, slight folds, score noted. Generally good£180.00
32 SPURS - TROPHY Trophy presented to full back David Sunshine for Tottenham winning the 1960-61 Eastern Counties League. Inscribed "D.Sunshine , Eastern Counties League Champions 1960-61" Tottenham won the Football League, FA Cup, Football Combination and Eastern Counties League in 1960-61. Generally good£100.00
33 TOTTENHAM - TANKARD Pewter tankard inscribed "Tottenham Hotspur 1960-61 The Double League Champions FA Cup Winners". The signature of each player is also inscribed on the tankard. Generally good£120.00
34 TOTTENHAM 1947 Tottenham itinerary for the tour to the South of France June 1947, Cockerel on front cover, all travel arrangements detailed plus members of the playing staff and officials on the trip. Spurs departed on June 9th and returned on June 25th playing games against Olympique Marseille, Toulouse , St Etienne and Montpellier. Good,£170.00
35 NORWICH - SPURS 1947 Dinner menu for Complimentary Dinner given by Norwich City FC to Tottenham and Norwich players after the Hospital Cup match between the teams, 12/5/47. Held at the Royal Hotel, Norwich, 12/5/47, two signatures on back of menu, Burgess and Ditchburn. Good£110.00
36 SPURS 1954 Menu for meal at Stadtkrug , Vienna, F.K.Austria v Tottenham, 28/4/54. Good£60.00
37 TOTTENHAM 54-55 Tottenham Hotspur Club Rule booklet 1954-55, also doubled as Players Admission Ticket and is in the name of Les Bennett with an ink signature from Arthur Rowe , manager. Includes training instructions, fixtures and details about London. Good£110.00
38 SPURS 1960 Tottenham itinerary issued to their players for the Youth Tournament in Berrenrath Western Germany, June 2-9, 1960. Eight page itinerary. Good£55.00
39 TOTTENHAM Small booklet "History of the Tottenham Football Charity Cup", Eight page booklet published in 1961. Good£31.00
40 SPURS 1949 Typed letter on Tottenham notepaper dated March 14th 1949 signed by Tottenham Secretary, R Jarvis. Generally good£38.00
41 TOTTENHAM 1960 Typed letter on Tottenham notepaper , signed by Tottenham manager W.Nicholson , dated 13th January 1960 requesting that the bearer, D.Sunshine, be admitted to the match on 13th January 1960 (the match was West Ham v Huddersfield). Slight folds. Good ink signature. Generally good£65.00
42 FL JUBILEE 1938 Programme, Arsenal v Tottenham, 20/8/1938, Football League Jubilee Fund, pencil score, scorers. Tottenham won 2-0. Slight tear. Generally good£50.00
43 FL JUBILEE 1938 Football League Jubilee booklet/programme exactly the same as the Arsenal v Tottenham issue apart from the middle two pages which relate to Tottenham only , being a potted history of Tottenham in the League and the Cup. We feel that this issue was on sale at the Tottenham ground only. Good£70.00
44 FL JUBILEE 1939 Programme, Tottenham v Arsenal, 19/8/1939, Football League Jubilee Trust Fund game. Good£110.00
45 DERBY- SPURS 73 British Rail / 4 S Sports menu for trip to Derby v Spurs, Cup, 3/2/73. Return trip from St Pancras and menu details Luncheon and Dinner Menus. Good£22.00
46 SPURS 1903 Four page leaflet London's Greeting with seven verse poem relating to the visit of the "Famous Queen's Park" Glasgow to Tottenham 6/4/1903. Author was A.C. Cricket Rhymester. Fair - Generally good£240.00
47 CORNWALL - TOTTENHAM 1949 Programme, Cornwall v Tottenham, 9/5/49 at Penzance. Four page issue, quite a strong Spurs side including Withers, Nicholson, Clarke, Burgess, Baily, Bennett, Walters etc. Slight fold. Good£360.00
48 SPURS - MILLWALL 51 Four page Tottenham home programme for game v Millwall, 26/4/51 at Hoddesdon Sports Arena, Essex Road, London Professional Mid-Week League. Very good£200.00
49 TOTTENHAM 1952 Tottenham home programme v Twickenham, 9/2/52 at Hoddesdon Sports Arena, Essex Road, Metropolitan League, four page issue, slight fold. Good£75.00
50 NORWICH - TOTTENHAM 1950 Norwich home programme v Tottenham, 8/5/1950, Norfolk Charities Cup, eight page issue, slight fold. Good£70.00
51 CHELMSFORD - SPURS 1950 Chelmsford City home programme v Tottenham, 24/4/50, Les Pyle Benefit. Pencil changes noted and Spurs had a strong side representing them including Ditchburn, Ramsey, Willis, Walters, Bennett, Duquemin and Medley. Generally good£85.00
52 SPURS - NEWMARKET 60 Single sheet Spurs home programme v Newmarket Town, 17/9/'60, at Cheshunt, Eastern Counties League Cup. Slight fold. Generally good£70.00
53 SPURS - BIGGLESWADE 58 Single sheet Spurs home programme v Biggleswade Town, 4/10/58 at Cheshunt, ECL. Slight fold. Generally good£50.00
54 HEARTS - SPURS 53 Hearts home programme v Tottenham, 15/5/53, Charity Match at Tynecastle. Slight fold Good£65.00
55 WALTON - SPURS 65 Walton & Hersham home programme v Tottenham, 22/9/ 65, official switching on of the Walton floodlights. Good£18.00
56 ARSENAL V BOLTON WANDERERS 1935 POSTPONED Programme for the postponed League match at Arsenal on 21/12/1935. Very slightly creased. Generally good£460.00
57 ARSENAL V CHELSEA 1930 Programme for the FA Cup tie at Arsenal 11/1/1930 in their 1st successful FA Cup run. Rusty staples, very slight vertical crease and scores entered. Fair to generally good£85.00
58 ARSENAL V LEICESTER CITY 1930'S Three programmes for League matches at Arsenal 21/10/1933 folded and slightly rusty staples, 15/12/1934 creased and staples rusted away and 19/11/1938, very slightly creased and tiny paper loss at the bottom. Fair£65.00
59 ARSENAL V COVENTRY CITY 1934 Programme for the London Combination match at Arsenal 8/9/1934, slightly creased, slightly worn and staples rusted away. Fair£35.00
60 ARSENAL 1945/6 Three home programmes for FL South matches v. Charlton Ath. Creased and minor tears, Portsmouth, folded and scores entered and Newport County creased, slightly worn, tiny paper loss, team changes and scores entered. Fair£50.00
61 ARSENAL Twelve home programmes including v. Leicester City 1946/7 ex-binder and small paper loss on spine, Everton 48/9, 8 homes from the 1950's and v. Leeds United 1965/6 lowest Highbury League attendance, very slight vertical crease and number on the top of the cover. Fair£22.00
62 ARSENAL Four Reserve team home programmes v. Coventry City 17/9/1947 single sheet slightly creased, v. Southampton 29/4/1953 Combination Cup Final, single sheet, horizontal fold and scores entered, v. Brighton 29/8/1953 Combination Cup slightly creased and scores entered and v. Brentford 23/10/1961 London FA Cup, very slightly creased, team changes and scores entered. Fair to generally good£20.00
63 ARSENAL MISCELLANY Includes 12 Gunflash magazines 1969 X 1, 1972 X 2, 1973 X 6, 1974 X 1, and 1985 X 2. AISA booklets X 8 including 2 sells outs, Arsenal After Chapman and Herbert Chapman Truth and Myth. AISA Arsenal History programmes, first 3 seasons complete. Original Opening of the West Stand at Highbury fold out and 4 books, Arsenal by Brian Glanville, Forward Arsenal by Bernard Joy with small paper loss from dust jacket and Arsenal Football Books Numbers 1 & 2 covering the Fairs Cup and Double wins. Generally good£20.00
64 DUNCAN EDWARDS / NEUTRAL AT ARSENAL FC Programme for British Army v. Belgian Army 27/3/1957. Duncan Edwards, Bobby Charlton, Bill Foulkes and Eddie Colman of Manchester United, Dave Mackay of Hearts, Cliff Jones of Swansea all appeared in the British team. Creased and team changes. Fair to generally good£18.00
65 TOTTENHAM HOTPSUR Single sheet programme for the home London Challenge Cup match v Leytonstone 27/10/1947, slightly creased and team change and scores entered. Generally good£30.00
66 TOTTENHAM HOTPSUR Single sheet programme for the home London Challenge Cup match v Walthamstow Avenue 8/10/1951, number at top, slightly creased and team changes and scores entered. Generally good£120.00
67 TOTTENHAM HOTPSUR Programme for the home Eastern Counties League match v Norwich City "A" 16/2/1957 slightly creased and minor tears. Fair to generally good£15.00
68 TOTTENHAM HOTPSUR Single sheet programme for the home Eastern Counties League match v Biggleswade Town 2/3/1957 slightly creased. Generally good£32.00
69 TOTTENHAM HOTPSUR Programme for the home Eastern Counties League match v Colchester United Reserves 14/9/1957 very slightly creased. Good£20.00
70 TOTTENHAM HOTPSUR Single sheet programme for the home Eastern Counties League match played at Cheshunt v Chelmsford City Reserves 15/11/1958, result written at top and slight horizontal crease. Generally good£75.00
71 TOTTENHAM HOTPSUR Single sheet programme for the home Eastern Counties League match played at Cheshunt v Ely City 10/2/1962, slightly creased. Generally good£65.00
72 TOTTENHAM HOTPSUR Single sheet programme for the home Eastern Counties League match played at White Hart Lane v Eynesbury Rovers 13/4/1962, slightly creased. Generally good£90.00
73 TOTTENHAM HOTPSUR Single sheet programme for the home Eastern Counties League match played at Cheshunt v Hatfield Town 2/12/1967, slightly creased, result written at the top and scores entered. Generally good£100.00
74 TOTTENHAM HOTPSUR Single sheet programme for the Met. League Cup Final 2nd Leg at Charlton 30/4/1964, very slightly creased. Generally good£40.00
75 TOTTENHAM HOTPSUR Programme for Spurs 1st match in the Eastern Counties League, away v. Clacton Town 21/8/1948, very slightly creased. Generally good£50.00
76 TOTTENHAM HOTPSUR Programme for the away Eastern Counties League match v Harwich and Parkeston 16/10/1948, very slightly creased and scores entered. Generally good£65.00
77 TOTTENHAM HOTPSUR Single sheet programme for the away Eastern Counties League match v Colchester United 20/11/1948, very slightly creased. Generally good£75.00
78 BARKING V LEYTONSTONE 1946 Programme for the FA Cup tie at Barking 16/11/1946, very slight horizontal crease and scores entered. Generally good£0.00
79 MARCH TOWN V HISTON INSTITUTE 1947 Programme for the English Cup Area Semi-Final at March Town 18/10/1947 very slight horizontal crease and scores entered. Generally good£15.00
80 HOVE V SOUTHWICK 1948 Programme for the League match at Hove 2/10/1948, slightly creased with press cuttings. Generally good£28.00
81 GLOUCESTER CITY V BARRY TOWN 1949 Programme for the FA Cup tie at Gloucester 8/10/1949, very slightly creased and slightly rusty staple. Generally good£0.00
82 SURREY CUP FINAL AT CRYSTAL PALACE FC 1948 Programme for Kingstonian v Walton & Hersham 8/5/1948, very slightly creased and team changes. Generally good£22.00
83 STOCKPORT COUNTY V BILLINGHAM S.R. 1949 Programme for the FA Cup tie at Stockport 26/11/1949, creased. Generally good£28.00
84 BRISTOL CITY Programme for the away FA Cup tie v. King's Lynn 26/11/1960. Good£18.00
85 SCARBOROUGH V BRADFORD CITY 1960 Programme for the FA Cup tie at Scarborough 9/11/1960, slight horizontal crease. Generally good£100.00
86 QUEEN'S PARK RANGERS Programme for the away FA Cup tie v. Barry Town 4/11/1961. Good£22.00
87 EXETER CITY Programme for the away FA Cup Replay v. Dartford 8/11/1961, scores entered. Generally good£100.00
88 NON-LEAGUE FOOTBALL PROGRAMMES Fifty programmes from the 1950's and 1960's each with a different home club. 12 X 1950's and 38 X 1960's including Oxford United v Worcester City 61/2, Cheltenham Town v Boston United 58/9 and Yeovil Town v Bath City 55/6. Generally good£95.00
89 WEST HAM UNITED A collection of forty programmes: 1st team X 15 from 57/8 - 96/7, Reserve team X 12 from 77/8 - 98/9 and Youth X 13 from 76/7 - 03/04. Includes aways v. Notts. County 57/8, Blackburn 60/1, Reading 71/2 Friendly, Cardiff 71/2 League Cup, Hull City 72/3 Testimonial, Munster 89/90 Friendly and homes v. Bristol Rovers Reserves 77/8, Southend United 76/7 SJFC and Charlton Ath. 77/8 SJFC. Generally good£50.00
90 WORLD CUP 1954 Programme England v Uruguay World Cup Quarter Final in Basle 26/6/1954. Includes cigarette sticker on front and back cover. Team changes and numbers in pencil, minor writing on cover. Fair£130.00
91 WORLD CUP 1954 Programme Uruguay v Hungary World Cup Semi Final in Lausanne 30/6/1954. Loose cigarette sticker. Team changes, score and scorers in pen. Some ageing and stains. Fair£60.00
92 WORLD CUP 1954 Programme Uruguay v Austria World Cup 3rd/4th Place match in Zurich 3/7/1954. Includes cigarette sticker on front cover. Team changes and numbers in pen. Some ageing. Fair£60.00
93 WORLD CUP 1954 Programme Germany v Hungary World Cup Final in Bern 6/7/1954. Includes cigarette sticker on front and back cover. Team changes and numbers in pen. Some ageing. Fair£200.00
94 WORLD CUP 1958 Programme England v Austria World Cup Group match in Boras 15/6/1958. Score and team changes very neatly inserted in pen. Lacks staples. Fair to generally good £35.00
95 WORLD CUP 1958 Programme England v Brazil World Cup Group match in Gothenburg 11/6/1958. No writing. Good £60.00
96 WORLD CUP 1958 Programme England v Soviet Union World Cup Group match in Gothenburg 8/6/1958. No writing. Good £35.00
97 WORLD CUP 1958 Programme England v Soviet Union World Cup Play off match in Gothenburg 17/6/1958. Score, scorer and team changes neatly inserted. Generally good£65.00
98 WORLD CUP FINAL 1958 Programme Brazil v Sweden World Cup Final in Stockholm 29/6/1958. Some ageing. No writing. Fair to generally good£100.00
99 WORLD CUP 1970 Official tournament programme for the 1970 World Cup in Mexico (Yellow issue). No writing. Generally good £0.00
100 ENGLAND Programme England v Holland at Huddersfield 27/11/1946. Rusty staples. No writing. Fair to generally good £0.00


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